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Volume VII - Issue #64 - October 2006

"The War In Iran"

        November 7th might be described as the end of the first quarter in the fight between the Fascists and the Patriots.
        But be very clear that this is not a game. It is a war. This is a fight for the soul of the United States of America.

* *          * *          * *          * *

        Laurence W. Britt wrote a 2003 article that has become very useful as a standard definition of fascism. The article includes 14 points; the current Bush administration qualifies on every one of them.

        A Patriot is anyone willing to put everything at stake for the preservation of his/her country. The French found it in themselves to form the underground resistance during World War II. The stiff-upper-lip British suffered the Blitzkrieg and calmly went about their business. Mao walked across China; Gandhi walked across India; and Martin Luther King, Jr. walked across Alabama.
        Now it is our turn. The complacent sheep of modern America are unlikely to do much but bleat and jostle into a windless corner, each trying to get out of the cold weather.
        The First Revolutionary War was won against the mighty British Empire by about a quarter of the American population, led by men cited today in the history books for their courage.
        About another quarter of the population were Tories, who sided with King George, either actively or passively.
        The middle half or so did not much care about politics. Most were illiterate, they had farms to work, or jobs; they had families to feed; their hard lives were lit only by candles & whale oil and the smiles of their children.

        The present situation is likely similar as to proportions. One-fourth will back Freedom; another fourth are activley busting up the 230-year-old ‘experiment’ that is this country.
        What is missing is leaders. John Kerry was swift-boated out. Al Gore, Jr. is busy saving the planet. Democratic candidates in New Mexico are being slandered by creeps paid to simulate a ‘national survey’ outfit – this is also happening in your state.
        (Non-U.S. citizens should pay close attention, of course, because if democracy crumbles in the U.S., you will be next.)

* *          * *          * *          * *

        Karl Rove has promised G.O.P. big-wigs that there will be an ‘October Surprise’, a managed event intended to sway the state & national elections in November.

        Will the October Surprise be an attack on the sovereign nation of Iran? If not just prior to the election, then it will be planned for sometime before year-end.
        If the Democrats win one or both houses of Congress, then the entire Bush Gang will use every dirty trick in the book – the Fascist playbook – because the soul of America is not all that is at stake. Democratic control of Congress will restore oversight of the Executive Branch. That fact alone, that historical event will shut down the Fascist ‘unitary executive’ dictatorship of Bush, and we all will be very busy restoring Rule By Law.
        War-profiteers and perjurors and bribing lobbyists and other traitors will watch the renaissance of Freedom and Liberty – they will watch from behind the steel-barred windows of a prison cell.

* *          * *          * *          * *

        As hard as Patriots push, the Fascists will push back harder – and without moral impediments. Fascists do not play fair, these are killers and torturers already, and righteous indignation means nothing to them, nor Reason.
        The fight is on at this very moment: The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower super-carrier task force is en route for the Persian Gulf, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles and ‘tactical’ nuclear warheads. The White House ordered in December 2004 that war plans be drawn up for an attack on Iran. Most of the Bush administra¬tion are signatories to the Project For The New American Century source document; and they regularly quote passages from or further the policies defined in the ’A Clean Break’ report of 2000.
        These Fascists are very dangerous indeed.

        The Patriot side lacks leaders, as I said. But where such leaders are going to show up is among the winners (and maybe losers) of the elections of November 7th, 2006.
        Or maybe not. Or maybe not soon enough.

        I often end my essays with the admonition ‘It is up to you!’
        Do you think that there is some other option?

* *          * *          * *          * *

        George W. Bush is lower than a smashed beer-can half-buried in the dirt beside a South Texas highway.

        The legend of the Alamo, that 1836 battle that prevented the decimation of Sam Houston’s still-gathering army of the Republic of Texas, includes the following tale.

        The 200 or so Texas patriots were led by Col. Wm. Travis, frontiersman Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett, a former U.S. Congressman.
        Gen. Santa Anna of Mexico surrounded the Alamo mission buildings with 6,000 trained men and ordered the Tejano regulars and American volunteers to surrender or die.
        Travis put the matter to a vote. He drew a line in the sand with his sword and asked the men who were willing to die for the cause of Texas to cross that line. Bowie lay on a cot, with two bullet wounds, one in the knee; he asked to be carried across that line. (One man did not cross; he had a wife and child who needed him. So he was given the mission of sneaking thru the surrounding Mexican army with a message for Sam Houston – he got thru.)

        That ‘line in the sand’ is the U.S. Constitution.

[copyright 2006 by Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved]

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