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'WMail' Ezine - Index of All Issues

Each issue of the free monthly WMail philosophy newsletter {ezine} included excerpts from 'Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment', essays on Objectivism and Existentialism and similar matters, stimulating quotes, and practical actions that you can take toward the Fulfillment of Mankind's Potential...

The WMail ezine ended with Issue #72 in November 2007. The mission of the Working Minds Philosophy and the websites continues by posting essays on the Dateline Chamesa blog { your free subscription } and to wider distribution services such as Op Ed News { your free subscription }. Further essays will also be posted on the website as another numbered entry on the WM Essays Pages.

The index page linking to all the essays of WMail makes the essays themselves available
– in numerical order & without the other content of the WMail issues –
for committed students of the Working Minds philosophy.

Volume VIII: 2 0 0 7
#72 [November]   Farewell Issue
#71 [May]   "Illegal Immigration"
#70 [April]   "The Cage"
#69 [March]   "Summer Solution"
#68 [February]   "The Distinction LOYALTY"
#67 [January]   "The Distinction POWER"

Volume VII: 2 0 0 6
#66 [December]   "Cooling The Planet"
#65 [November]   "Being Thankful"
#64 [October]   "The War In Iran"
#63 [September]   "Bush & Blackmail"
#62 [August]   Third All-Quotes Issue
#61 [July]   "Non-Monetary Economics"
#60 [June]   "Climate & Politics"
#59 [May]   "The Distinction SOURCE"
#58 [April]   "The 51% Solution"
#57 [March]   "Civil Disobedience"
February Special Issue   WM 'Boycott W-9 Project'
#56 [Jan]   "State of Emergency"

Volume VI: 2 0 0 5
#55 [Dec]   "Joining the Circle"
(from WM Chapter 16)
#54 [Sept]   "F*** the Fed"
#53 [July]   "I Want My Country Back"
#52 [May]   "Route 66 & T.M.L.P."
#51 [March]   "The Three Economies"
#50 [January]   "Globalization"

Volume V: 2 0 0 4
#49 [December]   "Context"
#48 [November]   "Fulfilling Mankind's Potential"
#47 [October]   "Dumping Dubya"
#46 [September]   "A Living Wage"
(from WM Chapter 30)
#45 [July]   "What Is Reason?"
#44 [June]   "The Working Minds Manifesto"
(from WM Chapter 23)
#43 [May]   Second All-Quotes Issue
#42 [April]   "The Oligarchy"
#41 [March]   "Playa Vista"
#40 [February]   "Paleo-Capitalism"
(from WM Chapter 18)
#39 [January]   "The 100-Year Exercise"

Volume IV: 2 0 0 3
#38 [December]   "Time Structure"
(from WM Chapter 11)
#37 [November]   "The Distinction RESPONSIBILITY"
#36 [October]   All-Quotes Issue
#35 [September]   "Debt & the Working Mind"
(from WM Chapter 17)
#34 [August]   "Meaning"
#33 [June]   "Kids"
#32 [February]   "Standing On Ayn Rand"
(from WM Chapter 18)
#31 [January]   "Bilingualism"
(from WM Chapter 25)

Volume III: 2 0 0 2
#30 [December]   "Radio Silent"
(from WM Chapter 33)
#29 [November]   "War Is Good?"
#28 [October]   "Waste Not, Want Not"
#27 [September]   "The Distinction EVIL"
(from WM Chapter 4)
#26 [August]   "The No-God Universe"
(from WM Chapter 28)
#25 [July]   "Injustice For All"
#24 [June]   "The Distinction TRUST"
#23 [May]   "The Class System of America"
(from WM Chapter 30)
#22 [April]   "The Tao of Dumbo"
#21 [March]   "Tax Revolt"
#20 [February]   "Electro-Magnetic Radiation"
(from WM Chapter 37)
#19 [January]   "Virtual Tea Party"

Volume II: 2 0 0 1
#18 [December]   "The Stock Market Casino"
(from WM Chapter 18)
#17 [November]   "Game Theory In A Nutshell"
(from WM Chapter 11)
#16 [October]   "The Priests of Commerce"
(from WM Chapter 30)
Issue #15   Special Issue on 15 September
#14 [September]   "The Best Investment: Labor"
#13 [August]   "A Third Theory of Relativity (Part 2)"
(from WM Chapter 35)
#12 [July]   "Independence"
(from WM Chapter 28)
#11 [June]   "A Third Theory of Relativity (Part 1)"
(from WM Chapter 35)
#10 [May]   "Being Pro-Choice"
(from WM Chapter 7)
#9 [April]   "Reason-Based Taxation"
#8 [March]   "Is Television Necessary?"
#7 [February]   "Winning & Losing"
(from WM Chapter 12)
#6 [January]   "How We Learn"
(from WM Chapter 14)

Volume I: 2 0 0 0
#5 [December]   Mini-version of John Galt's Speech
#4 [November]   "The Distinction BACHELOR"
(from WM Chapter 22)
#3 [October]   "John Galt vs. George Dubya"
#2 [Aug-Sept]   "The Culture-Structure vs. Granola"
(from WM Chapter 22)
#1 [June-July]   "Urgently Objectivist"
(from WM Chapter 1)

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