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The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment defines strategies and techniques with which you will be able to handle successfully anything that Life brings your way.

The development of your Working Mind is entirely your Responsibility – at all times. How far you go in developing your Working Mind is a function of your Commitment to being a Self, an Individual who IS Responsible.

That – and only that – Commitment to being Responsible for being an Individual, in the face of ceaseless pressure to revert to subjugation by the internal False Mind and by the external Culture-Structure, is the necessary Context for the fulfillment of your existential potential.

The development by your Self, within your Self of your latent Working Mind is crucial and necessary for the survival of the human species.
Without you, Mankind is lost. With your Working Mind developed and engaged, the Culture-Structure becomes irrelevant.

The Working Minds philosophy began inside an act of existential will.
Having learned the techniques of Creativity from Landmark Education, I chose a moment and intended to Create.
All creation comes from Nothing. One must (merely) set aside everything that is going on internally, and tolerate Silence for as long as it takes. Inside such a Clearing, something will happen, seemingly within the usual senses, but experienced in totality – Everything / Nothing. That 'something' derives from the Silence just created, and may be experienced as sound or visuals or language, or any combination.
What appeared to me in that Clearing in January 1998 was two words:
Working Mind

I began to think on that, willing myself to set aside the chatter of my False Mind (wherein I got that distinction clearly) and to ponder this new concept. I knew that I had discovered something of value, possibly of importance, and the more that I thought about it, the bigger the concept appeared.
In thirty days I had written 100 pages and designed most of the final outline. By the end of the year I had written 600 pages, loving every minute of that work: I was empowered.

Around that time I realized that the first four chapters contained the entire concept in summary, in one-tenth the pages, and that the rest was designed to delve deeper into the same subjects. So I produced a 'Preview Edition' – first on paper, then as an online document, and eventually as downloadable ebooks – of those four chapters and the full index of the 600 pages (later re-naming it the 'Working Minds Philosophy Source Document'.

And so, that text is here offered to all as a free ebook (in 3 formats)
plus the new Kindle Edition added in July 2011
to get the Working Minds paradigm begun as a conversation out in the world.

— G.E.Nordell

Ayn Rand produced the Objectivist philosophy.
Albert Camus defined the Existentialist philosophy.
And yet, Reason is still in short supply.
I say that Reason is the only frontier left,
and that Reason is necessary
to prevent Mankind's senseless self-destruction.

The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment is innovative and very practical.
It is based partly on the ideas of Ayn Rand, Albert Camus,
Eric Berne [Transactional Analysis], Carlos Castañeda, C. Wright Mills,
Thorstein Veblen and others, with a little quantum physics and
many other ideas ... plus a host of original thought.

For your free copy of
the Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment
'Source Document', just click on the appropriate link,
then save the book somewhere on your hard drive.

All ebooks © Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved

Table of Contents of the 600-page Working Minds philosophy book
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Source Document

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Working Minds Source Document for Kindle
The "Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment - Source Document" book was
converted to Kindle format in July 2011; download is now available at Amazon

Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment Source Document book by G.E. Nordell  
"Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment
- Source Document" [12/1998] by G.E. Nordell

Kindle Edition from Amazon [7/2011] for $3.00

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