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Volume II - Issue #12: July 2001


        The Declaration of Independence is the best document ever written. It established for all time that the Individual cannot be ruled except by his/her agreement. The independent person is designed by Nature to act in his/her best interest, which is to fulfill on his/her Chosen Purpose in Life.

        You will know that you have such an Individual Purpose when you can state it as a Truth, purely because you said so. The alteration arises in the speaking of your Purpose, that you are for something, rather than in opposition. Speaking what is wrong – with Life, with other people, about things that 'need fixing' – drains off energy to whatever one is opposing. 'Not agreeing' with Objective Reality ties one to the opposition, whatever the issue. Taking a Stand is in itself a purely positive action.
        The only action required to be Independent is to speak that your Purpose is such and such – yes, that Purpose – and that you have chosen that Purpose. You do not need permission from any person to do this, nor from any god-head.

     You can have multiple Purposes; your commitment in each matter determines the Power behind each Purpose, which in turn determines the amount of Power derived from that Purpose.
        The Power of a Purpose builds in the saying, which we can term the 'Said Purpose'. You may not get it right the first time. But the saying of a possible Purpose will provide you with a way of testing what is there. (Be very clear that the 'Little Voice In Your Head' is the wrong audience to speak to.)
        Having spoken your Purpose, it is up to you to listen closely – being eternally vigilant – and adjust in the direction of Truth. If something doesn't quite ring 100% True in the saying of your Chosen Purpose, in your observation of your saying of it, then your job is to locate and address the part that is hollow, that lacks Power. When your adjusted Saying is very, very True, then it will be time to focus on another area.

        When you train yourself to operate mostly from the Purposes that you have chosen freely, for this Life, then you will have become Independent, you will be an Individual in the objectivist and existential sense.

*          *          *          *

        The Independent person does not need input of Power. The Individual is the source of all Power. You increase the amount of Power that others see in you by the increase of Power that you are giving away.
        Being a consumer of Power, of your inherent personal Power, is no fun because you are dependent, a minion of the Culture Structure. The False Mind of the Culture Structure – the omnipresent 'Little Voice' in your head – cannot fathom that the only way to have Power, to generate Power, is to give it away, because that is its design: the Culture Structure must hide from you the Great Secret that it is based upon. You will not be told this Great Secret within the Culture Structure, and most people are so welded into the Culture Structure that, if they hear about it, they cannot comprehend it.

        It's not really a Secret: The shift from the notion that Power supposedly derives from the State – the Culture Structure that rules civilization – to the concept of the Individual as the source of Power, is the precise stand that was the Declaration of Independence in 1776. That shift is all that needs to occur today, in YOUR life: you begin the act of becoming an Individual by taking the existential stand that you ARE an Individual, the Value exists when you arise from your Culture-Structure-fomented stupor and raise your arm in private or public and say, "Durn tootin': I am an Individual, no matter what!"

        That individual existential act, the taking of responsibility for your individual right of Freedom, establishes that you are an Individual, in the face of NOT having been one since you learned to walk (or thereabouts). If you do not say that you are an Individual – if you cannot say that you are – then you probably are not one. Many national cultures contain no sense of individuality, so that the act may require more struggle than, say, Americans and Canadians/Canadiens (and it may not be easy or simple for many of them).
        But the fact remains: The only reason that a person is unable to state that he/she IS an Individual, and thus become one in the saying of it, is because he or she has not done so.
        Move your lips. Say it. If you find yourself resisting, then wonder why you cannot stand up as an Individual, as someone who is declaring oneself as Independent.

        The seldom-read Declaration of Independence was an invented existential Stand for Mankind. I especially like the part at the very end, where the Founding Fathers stated that "[We] mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor". They knew the risk and put everything that each of them had at stake.

        Read the Declaration of Independence – http://www.archives.gov/national_archives_experience/charters/declaration.html – and THEN speak your own Declaration: that you are an Independent Person, that you have a Purpose, as spoken by you, that it is yours and it is True because you spoke it.
     The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and the price of Independence is standing at risk.
     The decision is yours to make; the alternative is benumbed servitude under the Culture-Structure.

[copyright 2001 by Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved]

The above essay was reprinted in July 2002 in the following local Mensa newsletters:
"L.A. mentary" of Greater Los Angeles CA Mensa
"SangaMensan" of Sangamon Valley, Illinois
"IlluMinate" of Missouri Ozarks Mensa
"Spirit of 76" of Fort Worth, Texas area Mensa

Which resulted in being asked permission to reprint the essay again,
in American Mensa Ltd.'s "Bulletin" magazine, in the October 2002 issue.

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