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A Philosophy of Empowerment

The survival of Mankind as a species is in jeopardy.
The only solution is an intentional commitment
to the Fulfillment of Mankind's Potential,
which requires the Fulfillment of Individual Potential
– thru Empowerment –
of enough Individuals to tip the balance
toward the practice of Reason.

Ayn Rand produced the Objectivist philosophy.
Albert Camus defined the Existentialist philosophy.
And yet, Reason is still in short supply.

I say that Reason is the only frontier left,
and that Reason is necessary
to prevent Mankind's senseless self-destruction.

The 'Working Minds' Philosophy of Empowerment is
innovative, pragmatic, and progressive.

It is based partly on the ideas of Ayn Rand, Albert Camus,
Eric Berne [Transactional Analysis], Carlos Castañeda, C. Wright Mills,
Thorstein B. Veblen and others, with a little quantum physics and
many other ideas ... plus a host of original thought.

The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment defines strategies and techniques with which you will be able to handle successfully anything that Life brings your way.

The development of your Working Mind is entirely your Responsibility – at all times. How far you go in developing your Working Mind is a function of your Commitment to being a Self, an Individual who IS Responsible.

That – and only that – Commitment to being Responsible for being an Individual, in the face of ceaseless pressure to revert to subjugation by the internal False Mind and by the external Culture-Structure, is the necessary Context for the fulfillment of your existential potential.

The development by your Self, within your Self of your latent Working Mind is crucial and necessary for the survival of the human species.
Without you, Mankind is lost. With your Working Mind developed and engaged, the Culture-Structure becomes irrelevant.

You are cordially invited
to join the Revolution!

The Working Minds Manifesto:
Revolution For A World That Works
Where Quality of Life is the Most Important Value

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Working Minds 'Boycott W-9 Project' { begun 2/2006, moved 3/2012 )

'WMail' Philosophy Newsletter & Blog

        The WMail ezine ended with Issue #72 in October 2007.
The mission of the Working Minds Philosophy and the websites will continue by posting
quotations, news factoids & essays on the Dateline Chamesa blog  logo for blogger.com and blogspot.com
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Essay #73 [November 2007]   "Unemployment In America"

Index of Essays posted on the Dateline Chamesa blog (from November 2007)

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Selected Prior Issues
Issue #72 [October 2007]: Farewell Issue
Issue #71 [May 2007]: "Illegal Immigration"
Issue #70 [April 2007]: "The Cage"
Issue #68 [February 2007]: "The Distinction LOYALTY"
Issue #67 [January 2007]: "The Distinction POWER"
Issue #66 [December 2006]: "Cooling The Planet"
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Issue #61 [July 2006]: "Non-Monetary Economics"
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Issue #48 [November 2004]: "Fulfilling Mankind's Potential"
Issue #46 [September 2004]: "A Living Wage"
Issue #45 [July 2004]: "What Is Reason?"
Issue #44 [June 2004]: "The Working Minds Manifesto"
Issue #42 [April 2004]: "The Oligarchy"
Issue #40 [February 2004]: "Paleo-Capitalism"
Issue #39 [January 2004]: "The 100-Year Exercise"
Issue #38 [December 2003]: "Time Structure"
Issue #37 [November 2003]: "The Distinction RESPONSIBILITY"
Issue #35 [September 2003]: "Debt & The Working Mind"
Issue #32 [February 2003]: "Standing On Ayn Rand"
Issue #30 [December 2002]: "Radio Silent"

Index of Essays from All Issues of the 'WMail' ezine
Having reached over 70 published issues, the essay from each 'WMail' is now displayed separately
and in numeric order for the serious or curious student of philosophy.
The essays are listed here or you can begin at Issue #1 and follow the chain.

Quotations from the 'WMail' ezine
& the 'Dateline Chamesa' blog

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is thru the dormant power of the labor unions ...

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The Revolution is never over! The Class War is perpetual! (The Japanese surrendered in 1945, but the Republican/neo-con/fascist forces have not surrendered!)

Meaning & Purpose / Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment

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Working Minds 'Boycott W-9 Project' {begun February 2006, suspended January 2009)

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Books & eBooks

         The 'Working Minds' Philosophy of Empowerment began inside an act of existential will.
         Having learned the techniques of Creativity from Landmark Education, I chose a moment and intended to Create.
         All creation comes from Nothing. One must (merely) set aside everything that is going on internally, and tolerate Silence for as long as it takes. Inside such a Clearing, something will happen, seemingly within the usual senses, but experienced in totality – Everything / Nothing. That 'something' derives from the Silence just created, and may be experienced as sound or visuals or language, or any combination.
         What appeared to me in that Clearing in January 1998 was two words: "Working Mind"

         I began to think on that, willing myself to set aside the chatter of my False Mind (wherein I got that distinction clearly) and to ponder this new concept. I knew that I had discovered something of value, possibly of importance, and the more that I thought about it, the bigger the concept appeared.
         In thirty days I had written 100 pages and designed most of the final outline. By the end of the year I had written 600 pages, loving every minute of that work — I was empowered.

         Around that time I realized that the first four chapters contained the entire concept in summary, in one-tenth the pages, and that the rest was designed to delve deeper into the same subjects. So I produced a 'Preview Edition' – first on paper, then as an online document, and eventually as downloadable ebooks – of those four chapters and the full index of the 600 pages, and offer it to all as a free ebook (in 3 formats) to get this new paradigm begun as a conversation out in the world.
         — G.E.Nordell

Take a look at the Table of Contents of the final work
then download the WORKING MINDS Source Document
FREE and in three ebook formats —
which contains the first four [root] chapters of the philosophy.

The completed first book of 20 chapters
WORKING MINDS: A Philosophy of Empowerment
will be published soon.
The second book of 20 chapters
WORKING MINDS 2: A Road Less Taken
will follow.

Information on free WM eBooks
'Working Minds' Table of Contents
The 'Working Minds' Book Series

Working Minds Source Document for Kindle
The "Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment - Source Document" book was
converted to Kindle format in July 2011; download is now available at Amazon
click here for Kindle Edition from Amazon [7/2011] for $3.00

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You are cordially invited
to join the Revolution!

The Working Minds Manifesto:
Revolution For A World That Works
Where Quality of Life is the Most Important Value

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Working Minds is Gary Nordell's powerhouse philosophical compendium of newsletters, essays, solutions, quotations from the world's greatest thinkers, eBooks, a blog, and a manifesto for individual participation in the survival of humanity and the fulfillment of Mankind's Potential. Wide-ranging topics are based partly on ideas of Ayn Rand, Albert Camus, Eric Berne, C. Wright Mills, Thorstein Veblen, Carlos Castañeda and others, plus a little quantum physics and a host of original thought. Issue #45 was one of his best, on "What Is Reason?" This is not a relaxing read. Nordell's rhetoric will rev up your reasoning mind and challenge your values.
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