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Health Care

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"The Big Three Unresolved Issues that neither party has much to say about
[are] jobs, education, and health care." — columnist Marc Cooper

"Health care premiums have gone up 90% in the last six years." — John Edwards

"The United States currently spends 16% of its gross domestic product on health care."
The Atlantic Monthly, June 2006

"If you count the cost of healthcare as a tax, Americans are the highest-taxed country in the world."
— caller Brian on the Bill Press radio show (in 2007)

"Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege. Every man, woman and child in our country should be able to access the health care [that]
they need regardless of their income. The only long-term solution to America's health care crisis is a single-payer national health care program."
Sen. Bernie Sanders (8/2016)

"The greed of the drug companies is boundless."
— Michael Phelan, Social Security Works

"The ballooning costs of health-care act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy."
— Berkshire Hathaway chair/CEO Warren Buffett

"Medicine would be the ideal profession if it did not involve giving pain."
Samuel Hopkins Adams [1871-1958] - in "The Health Master" [1913]

"The Agnew Clinic" (1889) by American painter Thomas Eakins [1844-1916]             "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tuip" (1632) by Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn [1606-69]

Selected Books on the Subject of Health Care & Food Safety

Selected Movies on the Subject of Health Care & Food Safety

Health Links

Government Links
HR 676 Medicare for All Act {introduced Jan 2007}
Organ Donor [dot] gov: Donate the gift of life
Stop Medicare Fraud [dot] gov website

Occupational Health & Safety Administration [est. 1971]        U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website HealthCare.gov [launched 1 July 2010]

Health Information Links
Melanoma Research Foundation [est. 1994]
American Lung Assn. [est. 1904, renamed 1973]
'Understanding Common Blood Tests and What They Mean' article at About.com's VeryWell website
Defective Drugs information website
ACR/RSNA radiology information resource for patients [est. 2011]
(RED)™ [est. 2006] harnesses the power of companies and people to help fight AIDS
Takeda Pharmaceuticals gout information website
'Health Consequences of Drug Abuse' article at website of White Sands Treatment Center in Florida
The Jerome Downes Institute for Stem Cell Research & Development [est. 2010] in Switzerland
All Nurse Job Descriptions - your nursing career guide [est. 11/2017] is based in Alaska

World Breastfeeding Week [Aug 2013 = #22]
is sponsored by World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action [est. 1991]

webMD [est. 1996] health info website        American Heart Assn. [est. 1924] is also the American Stroke Assn. [est. 1997]

Health Activism Links
Coalition To Protect America's Hospitals
International Health Workers for People Over Profit
Food First: Institute for Food and Development Policy [est. 1975]
National Committee To Preserve Social Security & Medicare [est. 1982]
NurseCorner "To uphold the ideals of nursing" [est. 1/2008]
Drug Policy Alliance [est. 2000]
A.M.A.'s 'Voice For The Uninsured' program
Physicians For Social Responsibility [est. 1961]
American Association for Health Freedom [est. 1992]
Single Payer Now! [est. 1994] in California
Coalition Against Drug Abuse [est. 1997]
'Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use on Weight Change' guide at Coalition Against Drug Abuse
Hope for Vision [est. 2007] funding research to eradicate blinding diseases
The Foundation Fighting Blindness [est. 1971] in Columbia, Maryland
Social Security Works [est. 2011]

'I Stand With Planned Parenthood' [est. 1916] and the untrammeled right to access to preventive health services for women & men

'I {heart} Obamacare' bumper sticker       'Save Medicare / Vote Democrat' bumper sticker

Selected Books on the Subjects of Health Care & Food Safety

Selected Movies on the Subjects of Health Care & Food Safety

Ending Hunger
'Food insecurity' is a term that is gradually replacing 'hunger' as an issue; perhaps a euphemism, but more descriptive
of families that at least some of the time don’t know where the next meal is coming from.

The Heifer Project [est. 1944]
The Hunger Project [est. 1977]
World Runners [est. 1977]
Feeding America [est. 1979]
No Kid Hungry program [est. 2006] of Share Our Strength [est. 1984]
September is Hunger Action Month [2012 = #4]
http://www.wfp.org/ & www.wfpUSA.org
International Food Policy Research Institute [est. 1975]: Wikipedia • official website

WM Worry / Books on the Subject / Ending Hunger

Natural Healing
California decriminalized mar*juana in 1976 – misdemeanor $100 fine for possession of less than an ounce – and there has not been the predicted societal meltdown in the forty years since then. California Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a law in September 2010 that reduced the penalty for simple possession of up to one ounce of cannabis from a misdemeanor to an infraction (eliminating the requirement to appear in court). Colorado made recreational cannabis sale and use legal & regulated as-of January 2014; Washington State made cannabis sale and use legal as-of July 2014; and Alaska made cannabis sale and use legal as-of February 2015.
(Technically, each state decriminalized rather than legalized cannabis, since federal law is superior and mar*juana is officially a Controlled Substance.)

Treating Yourself: Medical Marijuana & Hemp Expo [June 2011 = #2] in Toronto, Canada
Medical Marijuana & Natural Healing Expo [July 2011 = #1] in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Medical Marijuana Expo [July 2011 = #2] in Anaheim, California
Maine Cannabis Expo [April 2012 = #2] in Augusta, Maine
Budding Hope medical cannabis producer [lic. 7/2010] in Harding County, New Mexico
Marijuana Policy Project [est. 1995]

Prescription Pot book by George McMahon & Christopher Largen  "Prescription Pot: A Leading Advocate's Heroic Battle
To Legalize Medical Mar*juana" [2003]
by George McMahon & Christopher Largen

New Horizon Press 8¾x6 pb [9/2003] for $14.95

"Grass" documentary film [2000] directed by Ron Mann

"Weed Country" 6-part 'reality' TV series [Discovery Feb-March 2013] /tt2814102/

While the right-wing, Xian fundamentalist 'taliban' of America raise the flag of morality around the medical procedure of abortion,
the issue is one of choice – the moralists have no right to force a decision on another human being.
Thus this issue is included here on the 'Worry About: Health Care' page.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America [est. 1916]
Intl. Planned Parenthood Federation [est. 1952]
Intl. Planned Parenthood Federation - Western Hemisphere Region [est. 1956]
pro-choice Trust Women PAC [est. 2009]

And here is something else to think about: Since the Republican-fascist-taliban coalition's recent funding cuts for Planned Parenthood, specifically
for distribution of condoms, the sexually-transmitted infections gonorrhea and chlamydia have increased by as much as sixty percent in some states,
which the C.D.C. has designated as an epidemic.

Working Minds ezine Essay #10 [May 2001]: "Being Pro-Choice" (from W.M.P.E. book Chapter 7)

'I Stand With Planned Parenthood' [est. 1916] and the untrammeled right to access to preventive health services for women & men

News Items

poster for "They're Back" pseudo-movie from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - Just When You Thought Medicare Was Safe     
After the U.S. Supreme Court stunned the nation in late June 2012 by upholding all provisions of the Affordable Care Act {also known as 'ObamaCare'}, the Republicans renewed their vows to override the will of the people. 'Vulture capitalist' Mitt Romney promised to cancel the law on his first day in office, which is not possible within the Constitution. House Speaker John Boehner promised to reverse the law, which will never happen unless Romney is elected President and the Democrats lose both houses of Congress. Other rabid Republicans immediately got radio and TV time foaming at their various mealy mouths, but the fact is that America's highest court stands for the legality (at least) of ObamaCare.

Ian Williams, in The Washington Spectator
June 2008

          In 2005, Taiwan's successful and efficient single-payer health care system cost 6.2% of G.D.P. compared with 16.2% for the U.S. In 2003, Taiwan spent less than $800 per person for health care, compared with a U.S. level of approximately $5,500. (By 2005, U.S. health care spending had increased by 6.9% to $6,697 per person.)


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Selected Books on the Subject of Health Care
Selected Movies on the Subject of Health Care

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