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Boycott W-9 Project

upper left corner of I.R.S. Tax Form W-9        Step 1: Register To Vote
Step 2: Forms W-9 & W-4
Step 3: Invest
Step 4: Protest
Step 5: Local & Primary Elections
Step 6: Regime Change
Step 7: Clean Up the Mess

"No taxation without representation !"

        This project was begun on 22 February 2006, the anniversary of the birth of 'Father of His Country' George Washington, who legend has it 'could not tell a lie'. The Bush-Cheney-Rove Gang then occupying the White House were spewing nothing BUT lies to the American people.

        Since then, TreasonGate was tossed out in the courts, the fourteenth anniversary of the unprovoked invasion of Afghanistan has passed (with no solution in sight), Iran or Iraq is the next war-front (hard to keep them straight), the U.S. Supreme Court is packed with Federalists, the country is losing jobs, the economy is in the ninth year of an Almost World Depression, and Tax Time approaches . . .

        The November 2006 elections gave a wide margin in the House back to the People, but only a slim margin in the Senate. The November 2016 elections handed all three branches of the U.S. federal government to the fascists of the Republican Party — an event from which democracy may never recover.
        Threats were common – by Cheney on Fox, by Bush to Iran, by Iran to Israel, and by Congress and P.N.A.C. neo-cons – to all free men. The 2007 State of the Union Address was a pack of lies, except the part about going to war, and completely avoided mentioning the destruction of New Orleans during Katrina. Four major oil companies offered a deal to the Iraq parliament for all the oil in Iraq – a 30-year, irrevocable, tax-free deal. The increase in the U.S. national debt during Dubya's tenure in the Oval Office was over 50% – more than all the other Presidents in history except for Reagan – but that doesn't count the 2 trillion dollar cost of the Oil War that has been kept off the books.
        President Obama saved the world economy and gave respite from fascist oppression. But the election of Emperor Trump in November 2016 has opened the floodgates: reversal of environmental protections ('pollution is good'), destruction of the Education Department, rollback of civil rights and voting rights and worker safety protection; and attempts to repeal ObamaCare.

        It is time to take the country back from the Carlisle Group-Halliburton-Kellogg-Brown-Root 'petroleum industrial complex' that pulled the strings attached to mouthpiece-puppet George Dubya Bush, and from the oppressive Koch Brothers-Fox Propaganda Network-Big Oil/Big Pharma/Big Banking-U.S. Chamber of Commerce cabal – all of whom continue giving orders to their bought-and-paid-for Congress.
        The impeachment of Bush & Cheney hinged on the people's will, expressed in the June 2006 Primary Elections and in replacing tainted G.O.P. candidates and fellow-traveling Democrats in the November 2006 General Elections. {But the ball was dropped.}
        Emperor Trump was guilty of violating his Oath of Office beginning on Inauguration Day, since he was immediately in conflict of interest per the Constitution's Emoluments Clause – with the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate giving a blind eye. (They even tried to shut down the Senate Ethics Committee!)

        The 56 signers of the 1776 Declaration of Independence, fully cognizant of the risk that they were taking, stated that "we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."
        What we all have at stake today is slavery under the Oligarchy – unless, that is, YOU take action, and unless you spread the word. Those who deny their responsibility and sit back while America self-destructs should not be surprised when they are loaded onto cattle cars for a 'vacation' at the detention camps that were built across America by Halliburton/K.B.R.

        Your personal power exists when you exercise it, especially when exercised in the face of the perpetual propaganda that you are nothing and that you can do nothing against the Forces of Endarkenment.
        Any U.S. citizen who did not vote in the 2016 Primary and 2016 General Elections surrendered the right to call him-/herself an American. And those who voted for fascism - knowingly or blindly - deserve the permanent disdain of their children and grandchildren and everyone else.
        Your country is calling for action, for a New Revolution, for a stand to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution against the neo-fascists ruling the Republican Party - and some Democrats - and America.
        We can block the Oligarchy's nefarious plans, if we act fast enough and in large enough numbers.

        This Working Minds Boycott W-9 Project is simple and easy and direct. Participation in the Boycott – and getting others on board – does not require putting at stake "our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor".
        Start here and together we can work to prevent street-fighting and martial law or the danger of permanent loss of America's Constitutional freedoms and the Rule of Law.

The question is not 'What can I do?',
the critical issue is 'What are you doing?'.

Working Minds Boycott W-9 Project: The Plan

Step 1: Register To Vote • Step 2: Forms W-9 & W-4 • Step 3: Invest • Step 4: Protest
Step 5: Primary Elections • Step 6: Regime Change • Step 7: Clean Up the Mess • Essays



'Smart Women Vote' non-partisan campaign
Project Vote Smart
VOTE 411 sponsored by The League of Women Voters

Registration to vote is different by state,
so start with the Federal Election Commission [est. 1975] website:
click here for National Registration info

Registration is simple on the 'Rock The Vote' website


The First American Revolution gained major momentum behind the slogan "No taxation without representation", and it is time to dust off that premise and act.

Is this rebellion legal? Certainly: You are a soveriegn individual and have an inherent right to choose how your paycheck is divided up. The signature at the bottom of the two forms signifies 'I have a reason'. If a million rebels take this action, will the I.R.S. even notice? Ten million rebels? Even if they do notice, the fascist clowns in Washington are seriously reducing the I.R.S. budget to where there won't be any enforcement. (Even if you take the cynical viewpoint and figure they'll target YOU, what are the odds?) The basic point is that YOU stiffed the I.R.S. while fully in compliance with the tax laws. Hah!

  • Print the I.R.S. Form W-9 {Adobe Reader .pdf file} from the IRS website
       Or if the I.R.S. website is busy, download the W-9 here & print it.
  • Fill out the form and sign it.
  • Turn the form in to your personnel department, human resources department, or equivalent. No explanation is required:
       You are saying that you are 'not subject to backup withholding' (under penalty of perjury) – but actually, you are taking
       control of your personal financial management.


  • Print the IRS Form W-4 {Adobe Reader .pdf file} from the IRS website
       Or if the I.R.S. website is busy, download the W-4 here & print it.
  • Fill out the form with '9' in box 5, and sign it.
  • Turn the form in to your personnel department, human resources department, or equivalent. No explanation is required.

    By this act, you are simply taking control of your personal financial management. For most taxpayers, middle-class & below, this change will eliminate deduction of the federal & state withholding from your paycheck. Taxes must be paid, but this small act of civil disobedience begins the process of cutting the extortion money paid to the Oligarchy — instead of loaning your hard-earned money to the government for free (no interest paid to you), you can use the cash & interest to protect yourself and your family against economic chaos.


  • Avoid all of the 'too big to fail' megabanks. Set up a checking account at a convenient local bank and then a savings account at a credit union.

  • Make note of recent per-paycheck deductions for tax withheld; if your pay varies each period, then use the year-end amount
    from last year's W-2 reports & divide by the number of paycheck periods.

  • Set up an automatic deduction for the per-paycheck amount from your future paychecks. The automatic transaction can be either a deposit from your checking account to the credit union or a payment triggered by the credit union from your checking account; some employers will set you up with an automatic deposit from your paycheck.

    While U.S. banks are paying next to nothing for non-liquid money market CDs (with fees & penalties galore), smaller banks are paying a low 0.60% APY for six-month and 1.20% APY for longer-term 'high-yield' CDs, which is a function of low inflation; this could change radically if the U.S. Federal Reserve changes plans. The benefit to you in doing this is the difference between a no-interest loan to the I.R.S. and low A.P.R. interest added to your W-9 savings account.

    You must be responsible for this saving procedure, as your tax bill will indeed become due next April. But after paying your taxes then, you will have a handful of interest paid by the credit union (or whoever). Using ballpark figures, someone earning $40K might pay $6,000 in taxes; the interest on that amount over a year is something like $75 – better you should have the money than allowing the U.S Treasury to hand it to the Oligarchy! {The Federal Reserve announced that it will phase out its bond-buying program in 2013, which is expected to raise all interest rates.) While your case may have larger or smaller dollar amounts, the really important part is massive numbers of civil disobedient taxpayers keeping the benefit in your own pocket and stiffing the Oligarchy.

    If you are self-employed: Keep your quarterly payments & stash them in a savings account as above.

    If you are an employer: Change your own form, and encourage your employees & family & friends to join the Working Minds W-9 Boycott Project
    – but definitely perform the quarterly forwarding of all payroll deductions to the I.R.S. as required by law.


    The WMail ezine [2000-2007] and the Dateline Chamesa weblog [est. 2005] covered the self-empowering actions listed here in previous issues, and you can refer to those essays
    as listed below for more detail. The individual actions listed here can and should be taken by every reader to escape the worst of the economic, ecological & military disaster/s
    in the dire future looming before us.

    Get out of the Virtual Economy:

  • Pay off all your personal credit cards; okay to keep one or two for travel, flat tires, etc.
  • Make double payments on your car/s; do not buy a new one.
  • Make double payments on your mortgage, or pay it off if you possibly can.
  • Sell off other mortgaged property (before another real estate bubble bursts), and use the proceeds to pay off your primary mortgage.

    Operate inside the Cash Economy:

  • Buy nothing unless you can pay cash.
  • Use a debit card rather than a credit card.

    If you have liquid assets:

  • Pay off debts of your family (with a paper contract for repayment of the loan).
  • Invest in gold coins or metallic gold – take no part in precious metal or commodity futures, nor any other Virtual Investments.

    When the Air Force sent me on temporary duty to Thailand, I was surprised to find that the rural peasants had learned that the best hedge against the uncertainties of war – all of Southeast Asia was a war zone in 1968 – was the personal ownership of gold. The farmers and merchants and bar-girls and samlor-drivers of Takhli set aside whatever they could and bought gold jewelry. Their gradual accumulation of wealth could be used for a down payment on a rice-paddy farm or on a house or automobile or motor-scooter, or used as a dowry. Central to their concerns was the fact that gold is real and compact and portable.

    Forget the 'make a fortune in gold' hype. When the economic idiocies of the tycoons of Wall Street and London and Arabia and Hong Kong come home to roost and the world economy nose-dives - again! - those who own their homes and-or have some stash of gold, who take a lesson from the peasant wisdom of Asia, will have a slight edge for survival over those who do not. This website warned about an inevitable G.O.P. Economic Meltdown in the original of this document back in 2006, which indeed came to pass in 2008. The cataclysm that is still intended by the Oligarchyholy war! Armageddon! whoo-hah! – may not be survivable, but if you wait until the next Pearl Harbor cum September 11 cum Hurricane Katrina event
    has suddenly appeared on your TV screen, it will be too late.


    The clandestine machinations by the Halliburton-Carlisle-Pentagon-Koch Brothers-U.S. Chamber of Commerce crime syndicate are sweeping America toward the abyss. If steps to restore democracy do not happen, then all of George Orwell's 1945 novel "1984" will come true. History over the next several months may preclude the need to file anything. Nor will taxpayers be required to file from inside those Halliburton/K.B.R.-built detention centers. Nor will it much matter if the 'Pearl Harbor III' scenario is carried out, such as a nuclear dirty bomb in a U.S. port owned and 'secured' by Arab pirates – or any variation on the economic tsunami scenario.

  • Finish the paperwork for this year's tax returns A.S.A.P., both federal and state.
  • If the government owes you money: Mail the return. (Or e-file, and the money will arrive in a couple weeks.)
  • If you owe the I.R.S. more in taxes: Put the return in a safe place, like on the mantel or in a safe deposit box.

    The pressure builds toward escalation of the Permanent Oil War in the Middle East, possible in a matter of months (no matter when you read this), possibly without warning – the international situation depends on who blinks first. So hold onto your completed tax forms until the United States is returned to Constitutional rule. We shall celebrate the reversal of Citizen's United v. F.E.C. by mailing our forms to the I.R.S., and then spend the savings account interest on a toast – to America's triumph over the New World Order hooligans, the bankers and hedgefund moguls, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the other fascist barbarians who rule the United States in conscienceless disdain for the rights and lives of the American people.


            The key to impeaching Dubya was an opposition Congress, i.e. one sworn to uphold the Constitution, to hold the Executive Branch accountable
    to the People, and to police itself to the high standards intended by the Forefathers. Didn't happen.

            All 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives – 237 Republicans, 191 Democrats, 2 independents & 5 vacancies – are up for re-election in 2018.
    Replace the Republicans, and vote against 'fellow-traveling' Democrats – Dems who follow the G.O.P. party line.

            U.S. Senators serve for 6 years, on a rotational basis; thirty-three Senators in 'Class I' are up for re-election in 2018 – 23 Democrats, two independents, and 8 Republicans.

            Federalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court in April 2017 on a vote of 54-45. The three dastard Democrats who voted to confirm Gorsuch were: Sen. Joe Donnelly (Dem IN), Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (Dem ND), and Sen. Joe Manchin (Dem WV).

            Many governors, state senators, and state representatives are also up for re-election. Do the same as for federal offices: Replace the Republicans, and vote against 'fellow-traveling' Democrats – Dems who follow the G.O.P. party line. Here's a site that tells you who your local officials are, based on your ZIP code: http://www.politicalindex.com/sect3.htm.


    ActBlue - online clearing house for Democratic action {national PAC est. 6/2004}

    America Votes grassroots voter mobilization

    2018 U.S. National Elections Page at Working Minds


  • Impeachment. (Unfortunately, impeaching Emperor Trump gives us President Mike Pence – one problem at a time.)
  • Trials for treason.
  • Bring our troops home from Iraq & Afghanistan; cancel all no-bid war-profiteering contracts.
  • War crimes trials, especially for Halliburton, Blackwater and other war-profiteering executives & employees.
  • Indict the entire 'K Street Mafia', the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a majority of Republican legislators.
  • Bill the Oligarchy for the National Debt, thru changes to the tax laws.
  • Work hard for Democratic wins in the November 2018 presidential & congressional & local races.


    origin of the term 'boycott'
    The Boston Tea Party of 16 December 1773
    The Working Minds Manifesto: For a World That Works

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    {posted online 21 Nov 2007 for the 10 Dec 2007 issue}

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    Boston 'Tea Party', 16 December 1773

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    If you have questions or comments about the Boycott W-9 Project, send email here.

    . . . and check out the free Dateline Chamesa weblog [est. 2005] for recent news.

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