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The 'Working Minds' Book Series

        The concept of the Working Mind appeared to me like a bolt of lightning in January of 1998. For ten months I wrote and wrote, having a glorious time, caught up in the intoxication of discovery, for I did not know each day what was necessary to be put down on paper. By the end of the year I had written 600 pages in longhand, and had begun keying those pages into my desktop PC.
        Then it occurred to me that the first four chapters were a precise summary of the entire work, that each new reader could begin the development of a Working Mind if they could align with the four chapters: If they were able to see a glimmer of the Working Minds vision, they could start work while I was getting the 600 page version into publication.
        So I designated the four chapters the 'Preview Edition' and copyrighted the sub-manuscript – the root of this post-Objectivist and post-existentialist philosophy – and uploaded a text version to Fatbrain, which they distributed for a 50% share of sales revenue. (I also uploaded my noir detective novel "Backlot Requiem" ebook, but that is, as they say, another website.)

        But brute commerce intervened, and Barnes & Noble bought 50% of the Mighty Words/Fatbrain operation and stopped free access to authors of ebooks; a year later the company folded. So I spent more time during the years 2000 and 2001 building nine websites to attract visitors, and developing readers thru the 'WMail' philosophy ezine than I did in actual new writing (and data entry) for the Working Minds books.

        However, the plan of the Working Minds books has remained a constant: Split the 600-page manuscript into two books – "WM Book 1: A Philosophy of Empowerment" and "WM Book 2: A Road Less Taken" – followed by three others.
        Book #3 "The Warrior Mind" derives from the envisioned fulfillment of the first two books: in order to get there, I will have to develop my own Warrior Mind – inventing it in the discovery – on which process that book will be a report.
        Book #4 is a cross-referenced collection of quotations, which I noticed I have been collecting for well over thirty years (not until now knowing why exactly).
        Book #5 is essays on the accomplishments of famous and lesser-known individuals that I consider exemplify the qualities shown by the Working Mind and-or Warrior Mind, men and women who were true Individuals, standing up against the terrible pressure to conform to the Culture-Structure's dis-empowering False Values. (The list includes Amelia Earhart, Bucky Fuller, Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, Simon Rodia, Edward Abbey, Stephen W. Hawking, and Nikola Tesla.)

        So the information below is the latest status on each planned book, which will be modified as conditions and details change.

G.E. Nordell
Culver City, California, USA {May 2002}
since moved to Rio Communities (Belιn), New Mexico, USA {August 2005}

Working Minds Preview Edition

Chapter 1: Mankind's Highest Value
        What Is Mankind?; The Highest Value; Urgency
Chapter 2: Do You Mind?
        Eyeball Story #1; Locating The False Mind; False Mind Redux; Risky Salad
Chapter 3: Mind Over Matter
        Scuba Gear; Getting Out From Under; Toxicity; Arrogance; Reaction
Chapter 4: What Is Evil?
        The Distinction 'Evil'; Fear; Nature

You can download the 'Working Minds Preview Edition' as a free ebook
(in three formats) if you click here.

Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment Source Document book by G.E. Nordell  
"Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment
- Source Document" [12/1998]
by G.E. Nordell

Kindle Edition from Amazon [7/2011] for $3.00

WORKING MINDS: A Philosophy of Empowerment

Chapter 1:  Mankind's Highest Value
Chapter 2:  Do You Mind?
Chapter 3:  Mind Over Matter
Chapter 4:  What Is Evil?
Chapter 5:  Death and Aging
Chapter 6:  Thinking
Chapter 7:  To Be Or Not To Be?
Chapter 8:  The Question Of God
Chapter 9:  Meaning and Purpose
Chapter 10: Karma and Guilt
Chapter 11: Games (Part I)
Chapter 12: Games (Part II)
Chapter 13: Consciousness
Chapter 14: Learning
Chapter 15: Values
Chapter 16: What Makes The World Go 'Round? (Part I)
Chapter 17: What Makes The World Go 'Round? (Part II)
Chapter 18: Capitalism
Chapter 19: Time
Chapter 20: Passivity, Reaction & Action
Footnotes / References
What's Next? [showing the Table of Contents of Book 2]

WORKING MINDS 2: A Road Less Taken

Chapter 21: The Distinction 'Distinction'
Chapter 22: Sample Distinctions
Chapter 23: Responsibility [vs. Victim]
Chapter 24: Freedom [vs. Security]
Chapter 25: Communication [vs. Ignorance]
Chapter 26: Excellence [vs. Popularity]
Chapter 27: Well-Being [vs. Looking Good]
Chapter 28: Relationship [vs. Ownership]
Chapter 29: Citizenship [vs. Politics]
Chapter 30: Justice [vs. Law & Order]
Chapter 31: Wherefore Art?
Chapter 32: I Camus, Can You?
Chapter 33: Zen What?
Chapter 34: Contribution
Chapter 35: Quantum Reality
Chapter 36: The Ribbon
Chapter 37: Random Conclusions
Chapter 38: How To Study This Work
Chapter 39: Gotta Have A Graph
Chapter 40: A Journey (Part 1)
Footnotes / References

WORKING MINDS 3: The Warrior Mind

BOOK 4: Quotations For The Working Mind

BOOK 5: Portraits of The Working Mind

BOOK 6?: The Working Minds Cookbook
        As a sort of joke, upon hearing that the most popular book genre is cookbooks, I allowed myself to entertain the notion
of Book #6 being "The Working Minds Cookbook". I'm not sure how facetious that idea is, but there are five books
to write and get published before an actual decision is necessary. Meanwhile, here are some examples:

δ           δ

"Cheese Scramble" Recipe (single portion)

• • 4 oz. sharp cheddar cheese (Monterey jack, swiss or other harder, aged cheeses work fine as well)
• • 2 tsp. canola oil (it makes eggs fluffy)
• • 4 eggs
• • dash or two of garlic powder
• • dash of salt
• • 2 slices of bread (or an English muffin or a bagel, sliced)

Chop cheese into ¼-inch pieces.
Heat oil in a small non-stick skillet, over low flame. Add the cheese pieces to the skillet.
Break the eggs into the skillet. Add garlic powder & salt.
Stir the mixture until the cheese mixes completely with the egg and the mixture is dry in texture.
Serve piping hot over toasted bread or muffin or bagel.

δ           δ

Louis L'Amour's Recipe for 'Indian Whiskey'

To a large barrel full of river water (not strained), add:
• • 2 gallons straight alcohol
• • 3 plugs chewing tobacco
• • 5-6 bars of very strong lye soap
• • ½ lb. red pepper
• • armful of sagebrush leaves
• • 2 oz. strychnine

Mix thoroughly.

δ           δ

"Official Obama Family Chili Recipe"
"I can't reveal all the secrets, but if you make it right, it's got just the right amount of bite,
the right amount of oomph in it, and it will clear your sinuses."
Barack Obama, July 2008

• • 1 large onion, chopped
• • 1 green pepper, chopped
• • several cloves of garlic, chopped
• • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
• • 1 lb. ground turkey or beef
• • ¼ tsp. ground cumin
• • ¼ tsp. ground oregano
• • ¼ tsp. ground turmeric
• • ¼ tsp. ground basil
• • 1 tsp. chili powder
• • 3 tsp. red wine vinegar
• • several tomatoes (depending on size), chopped
• • 1 can red kidney beans
• • white or brown rice, prepared seperately
• • (as garnish) grated cheddar cheese, chopped onion & sour cream

In a big pot:
Sautι onion, green pepper & garlic in olive oil until soft.
Add meat, and brown.
Combine spices, then add to the pot. Add vinegar.
Add tomatoes and let the chili simmer until the tomatoes cook down.
Add beans and cook for two more minutes.
Serve over rice; garnish with cheddar, onions & sour cream.

δ           δ

"Italian Scallops" Recipe (single portion)

• • 6 oz. fresh or defrosted bay scallops
• • 5 pieces 2-inch diameter thin-sliced deli salami, chopped
• • 4 to 5 oz. egg noodles
• • 2 Tbsp butter
• • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese

Add noodles to boiling water (usually takes 5-6 minutes to cook); drain.
Rinse scallops, then pat dry on paper towel.
Cook scallops & salami & butter in saucepan over medium heat (until scallops turn solid white).
Turn off heat; add parmesan & noodles to saucepan & stir.
Serve with white wine.

δ           δ

"Mighty Meaty Beanies" Recipe (single portion)

• • one 7.5 oz. can corned beef hash (such as Hormel™ brand)
• • one 8.3 oz. can baked beans (such as Bush's Original™ brand)
• • 2 Tbsp. catsup/ketchup
• • dash or two of garlic powder

Open and extract hash into medium-size bowl.
Add catsup & garlic powder.
Open and extract beans on top.
Cook in microwave. (My 900-watt machine does a nice job at 3½ minutes.)
Stir and eat.
Recycle the cans, of course.

δ           δ

"Italian Pasta" Recipe (single portion)

• • 4-5 oz. dry pasta (elbows, flat noodles, your choice)
• • 1/3 cup caesar salad dressing
• • 2 Tbsp butter
• • one 2-oz. package sliced deli meat, beef or ham or turkey (such as Buddig™ brand)
• • one green onion, chopped
• • one roma tomato, chopped
• • (optional) several pitted black olives, chopped
• • 1/4 cup grated parmesan or romano cheese

Cook pasta and place in collander to drain.
Add salad dressing to that same pan and set on medium heat - the game plan is to boil away ('reduce') the liquid.
Add butter, chopped meat & chopped veggies.
Add drained pasta to the saucepan; set to low heat.
Keep stirring until liquid is reduced
Add grated cheese to thicken further.
Serve on a dinner plate.
Accompany with a glass of red wine if you were a 'good kid' today.

δ           δ

"Cornbread Dressing" Recipe (double portion)

• • water
• • butter
• • 1 pkg store brand cornbread dressing mix
• • other ingredients as below

Prepare dressing mix per instructions on box: Boil water in saucepan, add butter, add dry mix from package. Stir. Turn off flame and cover; let sit for five minutes.
The store-brand packages display 'six servings per container', but this is a decent cheap meal for two, or 'serve half now and cover remainder for tomorrow'.
Say the word 'Thanks' out loud, then eat.

Well, many of you are probably wondering 'Recipe? What the hell?'.
So here is the special recipe function:

OPTION 1: Drain and add 5-ounce can of turkey or chicken meat, after the dry mix.
OPTION 2: Add a package of Buddig™ (or equivalent) turkey deli meat (chopped), also after the dry mix.
OPTION 3: Add half a package (Mariani™ brand is 5 ounces) of sweetened dried cranberries, as the third ingredient, before the dry mix.

Bon appιtit!   •   Buen apetito!   •   Guten Appetit!

This material copyright 1998-2013 by Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved
[ last update 8/2012 ]

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