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The Internet & Freedom of Information

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The pre-internet went live in October 1969 between U.C.L.A. and Stanford Research Institute;
the first email was sent in 1971; the internet was expanded in 1990 by the National Science Foundation,
and became available to the public in 1992.

“We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works
of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know [that] this is not true.” — Robert Wilensky

“The thing about quotes on the internet is that you cannot confirm their validity.” — Abraham Lincoln

“The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” — John Gilmore

“Information doesn't want to be free. Information wants to be valuable.” — Larry Wall

“Sorry, the internet is not the future. The internet is the present, interwoven into every aspect of modern culture.” — G.E. Nordell

“We all need reminding at times that the World Wide Web is only 27 years old.” — Simon Chan

“[The internet] is a vanity press for the demented, the conspiratorial, or the merely self-important.”
— Lars-Erik Nelson [1941-2000]

L i n k s
The Center for Democracy & Technology
domain name privacy controversy
Electronic Privacy Information Center [est. 1994]
Conference on Email & Anti-Spam [2003-2010]
Microsoft® official instructions for keeping spam emails out of your inbox
U.S. Federal Trade Commission tips for reducing & reporting spam emails
Association for Computing Machinery [est. 1947]
internet activist Richard M. Stallman

Homeland Security Department Advisory System Terror Alert Level featuring members of the Muppets

petition to stop domain name parking ('cybersquatting')
'Save The Internet' petition at MoveOn.org
petition to keep the internet tax free

Fight For The Future [est. 2011]
Fight for the Future Education Fund [est. 2014]
Battle For The Net - Support Net Neutrality
'Internet-wide Day of Action To Save Net Neutrality' on 12 July 2017

logo of the IC³: Internet Crime Complaint Center of the F.B.I.Internet Crime Complaint Center of the F.B.I.  

Electronic Frontier Foundation [est. 1990]

PlanetLab consortiumPlanetLab consortium
PlanetLab article at ZDnet [from C|net June 2003]

Save The Internet Coalition blogsite       CERT/CC [est. 1988] = spam/virus info clearing house        Computer History Museum [est. 1999] in Mountain View, CA

33¢ U.S.P.S. postage stamp of 1999 honoring the Personal Computer           Internet Security Alliance            33¢ U.S.P.S. postage stamp of 1999 honoring the World Wide Web

Berkman Center for Internet and Society [est. 1999] at Harvard University


News on The Subject

logo for 'Internet.org by Facebook' [est. 2013]
"Internet.org by Facebook" [est. 2013] is a consortium of Facebook, Inc. and seven American mobile telephone companies that says that they want to provide low-cost access to the internet for people in Third World countries. Controversy arises because Internet.org is also involved in anti-net neutrality legislation (with Airtel, Voda & TRAI) in India
see 23-page extract from the full 117-page applicationofficial websiteentry at Wikipedia

Committee to Investigate Russia [est. 5/2017]
Leaders across the political spectrum formed the Committee to Investigate Russia in May 2017, an attempt to wake We The People up to already-existing cyber warfare, especially from the Russian government. The video of Morgan Freeman's warning was immediately attacked for all the wrong reasons by alt-right trolls and the mainstream media. The point that they missed is that The United States must take decisive action to protect commercial and government sites that are accessible on the internet from potential denial-of-service attacks as well as just plain shutdowns. The electrical grid, nuclear power plants, and aircraft & rail travel are all quite vulnerable to many forms of disruption.
official websiteofficial Facebook page • there is no entry at Wikipedia (9/2017)
watch 9/2017 promo [2:06] online at YouTube

Timeline of Internet History
'History of the Internet' at Wikipedia
internet history timeline at P.B.S. website
internet history timeline graphic on the Verizon Fios Beacon website

  • 1945 July: Publication of the article "As We May Think" by engineer Vannevar Bush [1890-1974] in The Atlantic Monthly; Bush predicted the Memex, a worldwide encyclopedia of knowledge (also 'dry' photography).
  • 1957: Computer engineeers began to develop principles of time-sharing; first described in a magazine article by Bob Bemer, first implemented by John McCarthy on two modified I.B.M. mainframes.
  • 1957 Oct 4: The Soviet Union launched the first earth-orbit satellite 'Sputnik 1', which scared the United States into a 'Space Race'.
  • 1958 Feb: A.R.P.A. (Advanced Research Projects Agency) founded on order of President Eisen-hower to ensure that United States technology was ahead of that of any potential enemy; renamed D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in March 1972.
  • 1963 April: J.C.R. Licklider (head of I.P.T.O. at A.R.P.A.) published the seminal paper on the "Intergalactic Computer Network". { read full text online }
  • 1966: A.R.P.A. began development of an ARPAnet, using principles of packet-switching; contract awarded to BB&N (Bolt, Beranek & Newman) in April 1969.
  • 1968: Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan [1911-1980] predicted the phenomenon of the internet (possibly in the book "Innovations: Where Is Our Culture Going") thirty years before it existed.
  • 1969 Sept 2: First activity occured on the internet as two computers at U.C.L.A connected by a 15-foot cable passed test data back and forth; a functional internet was created in 1983.
  • 1969 Oct 29: First successful transmission of a message on ARPAnet; the first permanent ARPAnet link was established on 21 November 1969; the entire four-node ARPAnet was completed on 5 December 1969.
  • 1971 (late): Ray Tomlinson at BB&N developed electronic mail for networks.
  • 1972: The first object sold online was a bag of weed {m*rijuana).
  • 1973 Nov: First demonstration of the Cyclades program, directed by Louis Pouzin and based in France; CYCLADES focused on packet-switching communications between networks; the program was shut down in 1981.
  • 1974 May: I.E.E.E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) published a paper titled "A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication" by Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn, defining T.C.P. (Transmission Control Protocol); later split/combined as TCP/IP.
  • 1979 Sept 24: Compu-Serve was the first company to offer email to the public.
  • 1980 June-Dec: While working as an outside contractor at C.E.R.N. in France, Tim Berners-Lee created a prototype hypertext system named ENQUIRE.
  • 1982 March: The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP) were defined separately and then combined as the TCP-IP Protocol.
  • 1982 Sept 19: Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman suggested punctuating humorously-intended computer messages with a colon-hyphen-parenthesis symbol – i.e. :-) – creating the first internet 'emoticon'. { HL's 1996 smiley/emoticon list }
  • 1983 Jan 1: The new TCP-IP protocols were permanently activated.
  • 1985 February: The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link) was one of the first virtual communities, and still exists.
  • 1985 March 15: Purchase of the first 'dot-com' internet domain name 'symbolics.com' by Symbolics Computer Corp. [1980-96] of Massachusetts.
  • 1989 March: Seminal document 'Information Management: A Proposal' by Tim Berners-Lee, redistributed in May 1990; paper describes certain problems and then 'derives a solution based on a distributed hypertext system'.
  • 1989 Nov: Launch of The World, the first commercial dialup ISP in the United States.

    neon sign saying 'internet open'

  • 1990 Feb: Actual internet in place (and ARPAnet hardware removed).
  • 1990 July 6: Mitch Kapor, John Perry Barlow, and John Gilmore founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • 1990 Oct 17: Launch of the Internet Movie Database with release of Unix shell scripts to search files posted on Usenet.
  • 1990 Dec 25: Birth of the World Wide Web as computer scientists Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau created the world's first hyperlinked webpage at C.E.R.N. in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 1991 Feb: After a history going back to 1988, America Online {A.O.L.} launched a for-pay internet service based on Geoworks for DOS users; a year later, A.O.L. launched the same for Windows.
  • 1991 Aug 6: First webpage on the World Wide Web was placed online by physicist Tim Berners-Lee at C.E.R.N. in Switzerland.
  • 1992 April: Erwise was the first browser for the internet with a graphical user interface, and the first commonly available (designed for Unix equipment, documentation in Finnish).
  • 1992 Oct 23: U.S. Congress passed the Scientific and Advanced-Technology Act, which allowed the government-supported scientific and academic internet to communicate with commercial functions of the internet.
  • 1992 Dec 3: The first commercial text message was sent over the Vodafone G.S.M. network in the United Kingdom; the message 'Merry Christmas' was sent by engineer Neil Papworth to the mobile phone of Vodaphone executive Richard Jarvis.
  • 1993 Jan 23: The Mosaic browser was released by N.C.S.A. (National Center for Super-computing Applications) in Illinois; software was offered for free download from the NCSA website (and is still available there); official support ended in 1997.
  • 1993 Feb: Six Stanford University undergrad students created Architext, which later gave birth to the Excite search engine.
  • 1993 June: First deployment of the Wanderer, the first web-crawling robot; written in Perl by Matthew Grey at M.I.T.; it collected data on growth of the internet for the online database Wandex until shut down in 1995.
  • 1993 Nov: Amsterdam software engineer Martijn Koster announced the first internet search engine AliWeb, which was officially presented as a paper in May 1994 at the First International Conference on the World Wide Web; he also developed Achiplex and CUSI. (AliWeb seems to be taken over by web-nasties and the search results are unreliable, skewed to make money by subterfuge.)
  • 1994 Jan: David Filo and Jerry Yang of Stanford University released a little directory named Yahoo!; the creators claim that they consider themselves 'yahoos', but later legend says that the name stands for 'Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle'; the company Yahoo!, Inc. was incorporated in March 1995.
  • 1994 Spring: Brian Pinkerton of the University of Washington released WebCrawler, which examined and indexed entire pages. Although it started out as a desktop application rather than an online service, WebCrawler soon became immensely popular and in June 1995 was purchased by A.O.L. That purchase provided web search access to A.O.L., which at the time had less than 1 million users; in return, A.O.L.'s resources gave WebCrawler a major presence on the internet. (WebCrawler was sold to InfoSpace in 2001.)
  • 1994 July 6: Launch of the Amazon.com electronic commerce website in Seattle, Washington.
  • 1994 Dec 15: Launch of the Netscape Navigator browser; it was used by 95% of internet users by the end of 1995, but usage neared zero by 2002 (due to Microsoft's illegal bundling of Internet Explorer).
  • 1995 Aug 16: Launch of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser for Windows, included as part of Microsoft Plus! in Windows 95.
  • 1996 Dec: America Online switched from hourly payment for usage to a monthly fee of $19.95.
  • 1998 June 25: Retail release of Microsoft's Windows 98 operating system.
  • 1998 Sept 4: Launch of the Google search engine by Larry Page & Sergey Brin in Menlo Park, California.
  • 1999 June: Launch of pioneering peer-to-peer file-sharing service Napster; Macster version released in 2000; rock band Metallica sued in 2000, followed by rap star Dr. Dre. Then R.I.A.A. and several record companies sued Napster; the judge ordered Napster to monitor usage and restrict access on its network; unable to comply, Napster shut down in July 2001 and filed bankruptcy the next year.
  • 2000 March 10: The 'Dot com bubble' reached its peak, closing at $5,048.62 on NASDAQ; by late 2002, the stock market had lost 25% of its value.
  • 2000 Nov 20: Launch of the Internet Broadway Database website.
  • 2001 Oct 25: Retail release of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system.
  • 2004 Feb 4: Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook.
  • 2004 Nov 3: First felony convictions against internet 'spam' distributors – In a Leesburg, Virginia case, Jeremy D. Jaynes received a 9-year prison term & his sister Jessica DeGroot received a $7,500 fine.
  • 2005 Feb 14: Launch of YouTube by three former employees of PayPal; purchased by Google in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion.
  • 2006 Oct 4: Launch of Wikileaks in Iceland by Julian Assange and others.
  • 2007 Jan 30: Retail release of Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system.
  • 2007 May: Economic cyberattacks by a Russian activist against Estonia.
  • 2009 Oct 22: Retail release of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system.
  • 2012 Oct 4: Facebook proudly announced having reached one billion members.
  • 2012 Oct 26: Retail release of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system.
  • 2015 Feb 26: U.S. government agency Federal Communications Commission issued strong new rules protecting net neutrality (basically by decreeing the internet to be a public common carrier, to be regu-lated just like the telephone companies, citing Title II of the Telecommunications Act). Although warned by other conglomerates of the dangers of doing so, Verizon filed suit to vacate the F.C.C.'s order.
  • 2015 Sept 24: The American Registry for Internet Numbers announced that it had given out the last of the IPv4 addresses that it had in its free pool for North America. (The IPv6 solution is a long, long way from implementation.)
  • 2015 Nov: Just five corporations earned 70% of the $300B in revenue generated by all internet companies over the past year: Amazon, Inc. and Alphabet, Inc. (Google) took in a combined 57%; the others are Facebook, Inc., eBay, and Q.V.C. owner Liberty Interactive. — per USA Today
  • 2017 Dec 14: Trump's F.C.C voted to repeal net neutrality.
                after net neutrality was repealed . . .
  • 2018 Feb 15: Google announces and implements a new ad blocker function on its popular Chrome browser; advertisers that employ 'invasive ads' will be warned and, if not corrected in 30 days, are subject to blocking; controversy has arisen about the web’s largest ad company acting as advertising’s biggest traffic cop.

  • Books on Internet Issues and History
    browse bestselling books on Computers & Technology at Amazon

    Virtual Reality book by Howard Rheingold  "Virtual Reality: The Revolutionary Technology of Computer-Generated Artificial Worlds - and How It Promises and Threatens To Transform Business and Society"
    [1991] by Howard Rheingold

    Simon & Schuster 8½x5½ pb [8/92] for $23.89
    Summit Books 9½x6¼ hardcover [7/91] out of print/90+ used
    Vannevar Bush / From Memex to Hypertext book edited by James Nyce & Paul Kahn  "From Memex To Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and The Mind's Machine" [1991]
    Edited by James M. Nyce & Paul Kahn

    Kindle Edition from Academic Press [1992 edition] for $63.18 {sic}
    Academic Press 9x6 hardcover [12/91] for $66.51
    Virtual Community / Electronic Frontier book by Howard Rheingold  "The Virtual Community: Homesteading On The Electronic Frontier" [1993]
    by Howard Rheingold (an early and very active member on The WELL)

    Kindle Edition from M.I.T. Press [2000 edition] for $22.20
    M.I.T. Press 9x6 pb [11/2000] for $23.37
    Perseus Books 10x6½ hardcover [10/93] out of print/100+ used
    Navigating In Cyberspace  "Navigating In Cyberspace: Roadmaps To The New Millennium" [1995]
    by Canadian futurist Frank Ogden [1920-2012]

    Macfarlane, Walter & Ross 9½x6¼ hardcover & CD-ROM [10/95] out of print/used
    author's website
    Where Wizards Stay Up Late / Origins of The Internet book by Katie Hafner & Matthew Lyon  "Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of The Internet" [1996 bestseller]
    by Katie Hafner & Matthew Lyon

    Kindle Edition from Simon & Schuster Digital Sales [1999 edition] for $10.99
    Simon & Schuster 8½x5½ pb [1/98] for $13.53
    Simon & Schuster 9½x6½ pb [8/96] out of print/100+ used
    San Val library hardcover [1/98] out of print/used
    The Cathedral & The Bazaar  "The Cathedral and The Bazaar: Musings On Linux & Open Source By An Accidental Revolutionary" [1999] by Eric S. Raymond
    O'Reilly Media 8½x5½ pb [1/2001] for $11.53
    O'Reilly Media 9x5¾ hardcover [10/99] out of print/used
    author's official website
    Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace book by Lawrence Lessig  Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace [1999]
    by Lawrence Lessig

    Basic Books 8x5½ pb [7/2000] out of print/50+ used
    9½x6½ hardcover [11/99] out of print/used
    see also newer Version 2.0 [2006] below
    Developing and Protecting Intellectual Property In An Information Age book by editors at Silver Lake Publishing  "The Value of A Good Idea: Developing and Protecting Intellectual Property In An Information Age" [2002] by Jeffrey A. Barker
    Kindle Edition from Silver Lake Publng [5/2009] for $9.95
    Silver Lake Publng 10x8 pb [4/2002] for $24.95
    Web Thinking For Success book by Dr. Linda Seger  "Web Thinking: Connecting, Not Competing For Success" [2002]
    by Dr. Linda Seger

    Inner Ocean Publg 7½x5½ hardcover [6/2002] out of print/used
    Who Controls The Internet?  "Who Controls The Internet?: Illusions of A Borderless World" [2006]
    by Jack Goldsmith & Tim Wu

    Kindle Edition from Oxford Univ Press [2006 edition] for $7.14
    Oxford Univ Press 9x6 pb with New Preface [6/2008] for $10.84
    Oxford Univ Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [3/2006] for $74.00
    Privacy Lost / Holtzman  "Privacy Lost: How Technology Is Endangering Your Privacy" [2006]
    by David H. Holtzman

    Kindle Edition from Jossey-Bass [2006 edition] for $16.99
    Jossey-Bass 9¼x6½ pb [10/2006] for $18.27
    Greetings in Jesus Name!  "Greetings In Jesus Name!: The Scambaiter Letters" [2006]
    by Michael Berry

    An expert in internet 'scam-baiting' relates his hilarious adventures in turning the tables
    on fake Nigerian bank presidents and terminal 'Christian' cancer victims

    Harbour Books 7½x5 pb [10/2006] for $12.54
    Untangling the Web / Sex, Porn, & Fantasy book by Robert Weiss & Jennifer P. Schneider  "Untangling The Web: Sex, Porn, and Fantasy Obsession In The Internet Age" [2006]
    by Robert Weiss & Jennifer P. Schneider

    "A compassionate guide for anyone struggling with the devastating effects of pornography on intimacy, relationships, family, career, health, and self-respect."
    Alyson Books 8½x5½ pb [11/2006] out of print/many used
    Code Version 2.0 book by Lawrence Lessig  "Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace, Version 2.0" [2006]
    by Lawrence Lessig

    Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [2/2011] for $2.99 {sic}
    Basic Books 9¼x6 pb [12/2006] for $20.06
    CreateSpace 10x7 pb [12/2009] out of print/used
    Wikinomics, How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything book by Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams  "Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" [orig 2006]
    by Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams

    Kindle Edition from Portfolio Hardcover [4/2008] Expanded Edition for $13.93
    Portfolio Expanded Edition 9x6 hardcover [4/2008] for $18.45
    How to Rule the Web book by Mark Frauenfelder  "Rule The Web: How To Do Anything and Everything On The Internet - Better, Faster, Easier" [2007] by Mark Frauenfelder
    Kindle Edition from St. Martin's/Macmillan [2007 edition] for $7.99
    St. Martin's Griffin 9¼x7½ pb [6/2007] for $21.25
    Regulation of Cyberspace book by Andrew D. Murray  "The Regulation of Cyberspace: Control In The Online Environment" [2007]
    by Andrew D. Murray

    Kindle Edition from Routledge-Cavendish [2007 edition] for $57.56 {sic}
    Routledge-Cavendish 9¼x6 pb [2/2007] for $71.95
    Routledge-Cavendish 9¼x6 hardcover [2/2007] for $166.60 {sic}
    Cult of the Amateur book by Andrew Keen  "The Cult of the Amateur" [2007] by Andrew Keen
    "How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today's user-generated media are killing our culture, our economy, and our values."
    Kindle Edition from Crown Business/Random House [2007 edition] for $10.99
    Doubleday 8¼x5½ pb [8/2008] for $12.23
    Doubleday 7¾x5 pb [8/2008] out of print/used
    Bantam Dell Publng Group 8¼x5½ hardcover [6/2007] out of print/70+ used
    History of Wireless book by Ira Brodsky  "The History of Wireless: How Creative Minds Produced Technology For The Masses"
    [2008] by Ira Brodsky

    Part I covers Volta, Faraday, Maxwell, Lodge & Hertz; Part IIA covers the telegraph, the telephone, Marconi, Fessenden, de Forest & Armstrong {not Tesla?}; Part IIB covers the birth of broadcast radio & TV, Sarnoff, Farnsworth & Zworykin; Part III is a comprehensive history of mobile radio, cellular & digital cellular.
    Telescope Books 8¾x6 pb [1/2008] for $17.95
    What's the Big Deal About Pornography? book by Jill C. Manning, PhD  "What's The Big Deal About Pornography? A Guide For The Internet Generation"
    [2008] by Jill C. Manning, PhD

    Thorough examination of the topic, albeit with an LDS/Mormon slant
    Kindle Edition from Shadow Mountain [10/2009] for $9.99
    Shadow Mountain 7¾x5¼ pb [4/2008] for $13.55
    Wikipedia Revolution book by Andrew Lih  "The Wikipedia Revolution: How A Bunch of Nobodies Created The World's Greatest Encyclopedia" [2009] by Andrew Lih, Foreword by Jimmy Wales
    Kindle Edition from Hachette Book Group [3/2009] for $13.99
    Hyperion 9¼x6 hardcover [3/2009] for $21.86
    Department of Mad Scientists / DARPA book by Michael Belfiore  "The Department of Mad Scientists: How D.A.R.P.A. Is Remaking Our World, From The Internet To Artificial Limbs" [2009] by Michael Belfiore
    Kindle Edition from HarperCollins Reference [10/2009] for $10.99
    HarperPerennial 8x5¼ pb [11/2010] for $10.45
    Smithsonia 9¼x6¼ hardcover [10/2009] out of print/40+ used
    The Shallows / Internet / Brains book by Nicholas Carr  "The Shallows: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains" [2010]
    by Nicholas Carr

    W.W. Norton 9¼x6¼ hardcover [6/2010] for $15.75
    Hollywood on Strike in the Internet Age book by Jonathan Handel  "Hollywood On Strike!: An Industry At War In The Internet Age" [2011]
    by Jonathan Handel

    Kindle Edition from Hollywood Analytics [2/2011] for $7.99
    CreateSpace 9x6 pb [2/2011] for $22.95
    In The Plex / Google book by Steven Levy  "In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives" [2011]
    by Steven Levy

    Simon & Schuster hardcover [4/2011] for $16.51
    Filter Bubble book by Eli Pariser  "The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You" [2011]
    by Eli Pariser

    Viking 8½x6 pb [5/2011] out of print/used
    Penguin Press 8x5½ hardcover [5/2011] for $14.91
    What You Really Need to Know about the Internet book by John Naughton  "What You Really Need to Know About The Internet: From Gutenberg To Zuckerberg" [2011] by John Naughton
    Quercus 9½x7¼ pb [9/2012] out of print/many used
    Quercus 8½x5½ pb [9/2011] out of print/40+ used

    "Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity,
    and Irreversibly..." [1/2012] by Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee

    "Tubes: A Journey To The Center of The Internet" [5/2012] by Andrew Blum

    Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet book by Cynthia Littleton  "TV On Strike: Why Hollywood Went To War Over The Internet" [2013]
    by Cynthia Littleton

    Kindle Edition from Syracuse Univ Press [1/2013] for $16.47
    Syracuse Univ Press 9x6 hardcover [1/2013] for $19.77
    The New Digital Age bestseller book by Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen  "The New Digital Age: Reshaping The Future of People, Nations, and Business"
    [bestseller 2013] by Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen {both are execs at Google}

    Kindle Edition from Vintage/Random House [4/2013] for $10.93
    Vintage 8x5 pb [3/2014] for $12.93
    John Murray UK pb [4/2013] import/used
    Knopf 9½x6½ deckle-edge hardcover [4/2013] for $11.51
    Anaya Multimedia Spanish-language edition 9¼x6 pb [8/2014] out of print/used
    Untangling The Web book by National Security Agency  "Untangling The Web : An NSA Guide To Internet Research" [2013]
    by National Security Agency

    Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [6/2014] for $2.99
    Kindle Edition from Penny Hill Press [2007 edition?] for $5.95
    CreateSpace 11x8½ pb [1/2014] for $25.00
    Mastery Files 11x8½ pb [5/2013] for $29.99
    'Untangling The Web' Internet book by Dr. Aleks Krotoski  "Untangling The Web: What The Internet Is Doing To YOU" [2013]
    by Aleks Krotoski

    Kindle Edition from Faber & Faber [5/2013] for $5.85
    Faber & Faber 8½x5¼ pb [7/2013] out of print/used

    "Digital Revolutions: Activism in the Internet Age" [5/2013] by Symon Hill

    "Digital State: How the Internet is Changing Everything" [6/2013] by Simon Pont

    'Virtual Unreality / How Do You Know It's True?' book by Charles Seife  "Virtual Unreality: Just Because The Internet Told You So, How Do You Know It's True?" [2014] by Charles Seife
    Kindle Edition from Viking/Penguin [6/2014] for $10.99
    Viking 8½x5¾ hardcover [6/2014] for $19.53
    From Gutenberg To Zuckerberg book by John Naughton  "From Gutenberg To Zuckerberg: Disruptive Innovation In Ihe Age of The Internet" [2014]
    by John Naughton

    updated and-or revised (assumed from publication 28 months after 2011 book above)
    Kindle Edition from Quercus/Hachette [1/2014] for $9.99
    Quercus 8¼x5½ pb [1/2015] for $11.62
    Quercus 9¼x6¼ hardcover [1/2014] for $19.67
    @War / Rise of The Military-Internet Complex book by Shane Harris  "@War: The Rise of The Military-Internet Complex" [2014] by Shane Harris
    Kindle Edition from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt [11/2014] for $12.99
    Eamon Dolan 9x6 hardcover [11/2014] for $20.34
    Spam Nation / Organized Cybercrime book by Brian Krebs  "Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime - From Global Epidemic To Your Front Door" [2014] by Brian Krebs
    Kindle Edition from Sourcebooks [11/2014] for $9.99
    Sourcebooks 8x6½ pb [5/2014] for $10.73
    Sourcebooks 9¼x6¼ hardcover [11/2014] for $18.04
    Intellectual Privacy in the Digital Age book by Neil Richards  "Intellectual Privacy: Rethinking Civil Liberties In The Digital Age" [2014]
    by Neil Richards

    Kindle Edition from Oxford Univ Press [12/2014] for $13.19
    Oxford Univ Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [2/2015] for $27.58
    Terms of Service / Constant Connection book by Jacob Silverman  "Terms of Service: Social Media and The Price of Constant Connection" [2015]
    by Jacob Silverman

    Kindle Edition from HarperCollins Publrs [3/2015] for $13.59
    Harper 9x6 hardcover [3/2015] for $19.90
    Data and Goliath / Battles To Collect Your Data book by Bruce Schneier  "Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles To Collect Your Data and Control Your World" [3/2015] by Bruce Schneier
    Kindle Edition from W.W. Norton & Co. [3/2015] for $12.70
    W.W. Norton & Co. 9½x6½ hardcover [3/2015] for $15.37
    The Internet Is Not the Answer book by Andrew Keen  "The Internet Is NOT The Answer" [2015]
    by Andrew Keen

    Kindle Edition from Atlantic Monthly Press [1/2015] for $9.07
    Grove Press 8½x5¾ pb [1/2016] for $13.74
    Atlantic Monthly Press 9x7 hardcover [1/2015] for $16.12
    The Red Web book by Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan  "The Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia's Digital Dictators and The New Online Revolutionaries" [2015] by Andrei Soldatov & Irina Borogan
    The Internet in Russia is either the most efficient totalitarian tool or the device by which totalitarianism will be over-thrown – perhaps both. As Western capital flooded into the new Russian Federation during the 1990s, digital networks sprouted from fledgling Internet service providers, connecting Russians with each other and with the outside world online. It was a time of turbulence, but also of optimism among the Russian intelli-gentsia. Then came Vladimir Putin . . .
    Kindle Edition from PublicAffairs [9/2015] for $14.62
    PublicAffairs 9¼x6½ hardcover [9/2015] for $15.39

    The Pentagon's Brain / History of D.A.R.P.A. book by Annie Jacobsen  "The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of D.A.R.P.A., America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency" [2015] by Annie Jacobsen
    Described as a 'definitive history of DARPA' (the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) from its Cold War inception in 1958 to the present by the author of New York Times bestsellers "Area 51" and "Operation Paperclip"
    Kindle Edition from Little, Brown/Hachette [9/2015] for $14.99
    Little, Brown & Co. 9½x6½ hardcover [9/2015] for $21.01
    Broad Band / the Women Who Made the Internet book by Claire L. Evans  "Broad Band: The Untold Story of The Women Who Made The Internet" [2018]  3/2018
    by Claire L. Evans

    subjects include Grace Hopper, Elizabeth 'Jake' Feinler, and Stacy Horn
    Kindle Edition from Portfolio [3/2018] for $13.99
    Portfolio 9½x6½ hardcover [3/2018] for $17.70

    Selected Fiction

    "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A Novel" [2014] by David Shafer
    Selected by N.P.R., Slate, TIME Magazine, and Kirkus as one of the Best Books of 2014
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot novel by David Shafer  Three young people - a girl, a crazed trust baby, and a phony motivational speaker - stumble upon the secret conflict between an international cabal of industrialists & media barons and an idealistic online underground over the privatization of 'all information'.
    Kindle Edition from Mulholland Books/Hachette [8/2014] for $9.99
    Mulholland Books 8¼x5½ pb [5/2015] for $6.95
    Mulholland Books 9½x6½ hardcover [8/2014] for $9.09
    author entry at Wikipediabook entry at Wikipedia

    Announced 6/2015: H.B.O. is developing a half-hour comedy series based on "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", to be produced by Zev Borow
    for Brad Pitt's Plan B company; probable IMDb credits {restricted}.

    "After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley" [2017] by Rob Reid
    After On / Silicon Valley book by Rob Reid  The new Phluttr social network has ingested every fact and message ever sent to, from, and about 'her' innumerable users. Phluttr's capabilities astound, but is she a reckless experiment that could bend the entire planet to her will? A motley band of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and engineers are trying to gain influence over her . . .
    Kindle Edition from Del Rey/Random House [8/2017] for $13.99
    Del Rey 9½x6½ hardcover [8/2017] for $19.25

    Movies & Television on Internet History & Issues
    Here will be mostly non-fiction films about various internet policy issues and history; the separate category of movies about computers & internet
    (drama, sci-fi, etc.) was coded in Summer of 2015 as the Cyber Film Festival at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store.

    "Computer Networks: The Heralds of Resource Sharing" documentary film [1972]
    Wonderful compilation of home-movie quality footage of internet pioneers produced by Steven King (not the famous one); directed & edited by Peter Chvany;
    featuring F.J. Corbato [MIT], Donald W. Davies [NPL UK], Frank Heart, Robert E. 'Bob' Kahn [MIT, DARPA], J.C.R. Licklider [BBN, ARPA & MIT], George W. Mitchell (Federal Reserve Board), physicist John R. Pasta (NSF), Lawrence G. Roberts [ARPA, later Telenet], William R. 'Bert' Sutherland [BBN, ARPA]
    & Richard W. Watson (SRI) • not listed at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipediawatch full film [26:15] online at YouTube

    "Playboy: Girls of The Internet" [Playboy Ent./Uni Distrbn Feb 1996]
    Playmate of The Year Gillian Bonner on the cover of Playboy Magazine's April 1996 'Women of The Internet' issue  Playboy Magazine jumped on the internet bandwagon quite early, with a cover story on 'Women of The Internet' in the April 1996 issue; the video release preceded in February 1996 {per IMDb}; the 55-minute X-rated video 'Girls of The Internet' features fifteen women: Rhonda Adams, Jennifer Behr {as Jenna Bare}, Paula Carvalho, Chandra Coughlin, Courtney, Gabriella Hall {as Gabriella Skye}, Tess Hennessey, Chasey Lain, Jacqueline Lovell, Pam Luu, Claudine Jennings, Heidi Mark, Alesha Oreskovich, Ashlie Rhey, and Janet Tracy {Keijser}
    Co-produced by Hugh M. Hefner; written & directed by Tammara Wells
    Playboy Home Video color VHS [1/99] out of prodn/used
    Image Ent. color VHS [1/99] out of prodn/scarce
    Playboy Home Video color VHS [2/96] out of prodn/used

    Internet for Beginners on VHS tape  "The Internet for Beginners" [1998]
    "A guide for everyone with or without computer skills"
    42-minute Tapeworm Video color VHS [11/98] out of prodn/used

    "Modern Marvels : The Internet : Behind The Web" [History Channel © 2000]
    History Channel / Modern Marvels  First broadcast May 2001; also broadcast October 2002 (Season 9, Episode 48); narrated by Paul Horn; featuring Dr. Paul Baran, Tim Berners-Lee (of CERN), Dr. Vinton Cerf, Dr. Stephen Crocker, Frank Heart (of BB&N), Dr. Robert Kahn, Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe, Dr. Lawrence Roberts, Peter Salvus, and Raymond Tomlinson • episode not listed at IMDb
    A&E Home Video color VHS [2000?] out of prodn/scarce
    watch full program [47:16] online at YouTube

    "Traffic Control: The People's War On Internet Porn" [2007]
    Traffic Control / People's War On Internet Porn  This documentqary describes the problem of internet porn - for adults, for children, for porn actors - with a non-offensive Xian slant, and advocates the Internet Community Port Act (aka Community Port 80 or CP80) which would isolate adult content away from mainstream channels; the last activity seems to be back in 2007 & 2008.
    indep DVD [2007] out of prodn/used
    not listed on IMDb • official movie site {last update 2011}
    watch 3/2007 official trailer [2:36] online at YouTube

    "The History of The Internet and Its Flexible Future" [I.E.E.E. Feb 2008]
    History of the Internet article & speech by Leonard Kleinrock  The 90-minute commemorative keynote speech delivered by internet pioneer
    Leonard Kleinrock at the 2007 I.E.E.E. GlobeCom convention was recorded
    on video and an abstract was published in I.E.E.E.'s journal in February 2008.

    abstract text at the I.E.E.E. website (requires signin or payment)
    DVD available at the I.E.E.E. Commmunications Society website
    90-minute color DVD for $35 to members and for $50 to non-members

    "Download: The True Story of the Internet" TV series
    [Discovery Channel 2008]
    'Download - True Story of the Internet' TV series from Discovery Channel  four ¾-hour episodes, hosted by John Heilemann: "Browser Wars", "Search", "Bubble",
    and "People Power"
    series credits at IMDb
    Discovery Channel widescreen color DVD [2008] 2 disks - out of prodn/scarce

    watch each episode online at YouTube:
    episode 1 [43:41]episode 2 [43:20]episode 3 [43:46]episode 4 [43:46]

    "History of The Internet" short film [Germany 2009]
    title card for 'History of The Internet' short film by Melih Bilgil  Directed & animated by Melih Bilgil of München, Germany;
    voice-over by Steve Taylor; music by Mathias Grübel
    not listed at IMDb • official movie site
    watch full film [8:10] online at YouTube

    "60 Minutes: The Internet Is Infected" [CBS-TV March 2009]
    60 Minutes: The Internet Is Infected segment from 2009  Viruses, worms, and other toxic software lurk in the PCs of millions of Americans, threatening to steal our financial information and cripple our computers; the virus Conficker is one of the most dangerous computer threats ever, and by some estimates, 10 million computers have been hit by this virus alone • 12-minute segment; Lesley Stahl reports; interviewees include Steve Trilling {VP at Symantec}, internet pioneer Vint Cerf {VP at Google}, Don Jackson {of SecureWorks} & network engineer Louie Pelaez
    C.B.S. color DVD-R [4/2009] for $17.95
    full credits at IMDb

    "We Live In Public" documentary feature [indep Aug 2009]
    We Live In Public 2009 documentary feature by Ondi Timoner  Ms. Timoner documented internet pioneer & visionary Josh Harris and his life for over a decade, an incredible & tumultuous life story that gives insight into the internet's revolutionary impact on human interaction. (Harris predicts that in the future the individual will disappear as humanity trades privacy for various electronic forms of connection & recognition.) Co-produced, written & directed by Ondi Timoner; featuring Josh Harris and his brother Tom Harris; won Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival
    IndiePix Films Collector's Edition widescreen color DVD [7/2011] 2 disks for $29.95
    IndiePix Films widescreen color DVD [3/2010] for $24.95
    full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediaofficial movie site

    "The Virtual Revolution" [BBC2 June 2010]
    top element - BBC logo  
    middle element - world & title  
    bottom element - Aleks Krotoski  
    cover for Spanish-language DVD 'Internet Revolution'  
    Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski; featuring Kudjo Agbevi, Chris Anderson (of Wired), Ross Anderson, John Perry Barlow (of the Grateful Dead band), John Battelle, web co-inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Jeff Bezos (of Amazon), Dana Boyd (of Harvard University), Stewart Brand (of The Well), Nicholas Carr, web co-inventor Vinton G. Cerf, Shami Chakrabarti, U.S. Army LtCol Greg Conti, Chris Cox (of Facebook), Robin Dunbar (of Oxford Univer-sity), Shawn Fanning (of Napster), Bob Finch, Martha Lane Fox (of travel site LastMinute.com), actor Stephen Fry, David Gallagher (of New York Times), Frank Gardner, Bill Gates (of Microsoft), Kenneth Geers, Seth Goldstein, Seth Goldstein (of Attention Trust), Konstantin Goloskokov of Russia, Al Gore, Jr., neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield, Reed Hastings (of Netflix), Austin Heap (of Haystack), Arianna Huffington, Chris Hughes (of Facebook), Chad Hurley (of YouTube), Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia, author Steven Johnson, Mitch Kapor (of Electronic Frontier Foundation), Andrew Keen, Lina Khatib, Einar Kvaran of New Mexico, Charlie Leadbeater, James Marcus (of Amazon), Marissa Mayer (then of Google), Paul Meijer (of Verisign), Leo Murray, Prof. David Nicholas, Ory Okolloh of Kenya, Rainer Ottis of Estonia, Jonah Peretti (of Huffington Post & Buzzfeed), Macon Phillips, Xio Qiang (of China Digital Times), David Runciman (of Cambridge University), Douglas Rushkoff, Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), Daniel Schmitt (of Wikileaks), Prof. Nigel Shadbolt, Clay Shirky, Master Shortie, Lee Siegel, Biz Stone (of Twitter), Peter Andreas Thiel (of PayPal), Sherry Turkle (of M.I.T.), Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia), Evan Williams (of Twitter), Prof. Terry Winograd (of Stanford University), Steve Wozniak (of Apple Computer), Hu Yong (of Beijing University), Koh Young-Sam of Korea, blogger Wen Yunchao, and Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook)
    British DVD sold out (2014); DVD not available in USA; known as "Internet Revolution" to the Spanish market
    series credits at IMDbofficial B.B.C. series siteseries entry at Wikipedia
    watch official trailer [0:30] online at YouTube
    Episode 1 "The Great Levelling?": watch online [58:59] at YouTube
    Episode 2 "Enemy of The State?": watch online [59:06] at YouTube
    Episode 3 "The Cost of Free": watch online [58:55] at YouTube
    Episode 4 "Homo Interneticus?": watch online [59:21] at YouTube

    "The Internet's Own Boy" [2014] DVD

    "Lo and Behold: Reveries of The Connected World"
    [Magnolia Pictures Aug 2016]
    Lo and Behold documentary film by Werner Herzog  98-minute documentary film by Werner Herzog told in ten chapters on the origins
    of the 'connected world' and the internet and social networks and their future . . .

    DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
    latest credits at IMDbofficial movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
    watch 1/2016 official trailer [2:15] at YouTube

    "Trumping Democracy: Real Money • Fake News • Your Data"  
    [streaming Nov 2017, DVD release Dec 2017]
    Trumping Democracy 2017 documentary film by Thomas Huchon  "In the darkness of the web, democracy was trumped by data." • Explosive documentary that follows the money in the 2016 election cycle to the elusive billionaire Robert Mercer, who bought Breitbart News and funded the effort while inserting Steve Bannon into the presidential campaign as its manager. Mercer-owned company Cambridge Analytica used data of millions of Americans – acquired from Facebook, Google, banks, credit companies, social security, and more – and tactics honed during the U.K.'s Brexit campaign to identify voters deemed 'most neurotic or worried', whom they believed could swing for Trump. In the days before the election, using the little-known Facebook feature called 'dark posts', Cambridge Analytica deployed highly manipulative & personalized messages seen only one time by the user before disappearing.
    69-minute documentary film directed by Thomas Huchon
    Cinema Libre color DVD [12/2017] for $11.63
    Amazon Instant Video [11/2017] rental $3.99, purchase $9.99
    bare credits at IMDbofficial movie websitewatch 11/2017 official trailer [3:04] online at YouTube

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