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Table of Contents

The Preview Edition of WORKING MINDS contains the first four chapters,
the root of this post-objectivist and post-existentialist philosophy.
You can download the 'Working Minds Preview Edition' as a free ebook
(in three formats) if you click here.

WORKING MINDS: A Philosophy of Empowerment

Author's Notes
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Mankind's Highest Value
        What Is Mankind?; The Highest Value; Urgency
Chapter 2: Do You Mind?
        Eyeball Story #1; Locating The False Mind; False Mind Redux; Risky Salad
Chapter 3: Mind Over Matter
        Scuba Gear; Getting Out From Under; Toxicity; Arrogance; Reaction
Chapter 4: What Is Evil?
        The Distinction 'Evil'; Fear; Nature


Chapter 5: Death and Aging
        Choosing Death; Choosing Life; The Five Stages of Grief; Drugs; The Death Penalty
Chapter 6: Thinking
        The Distinction 'Thinking'; On Automatic; Committed Thinking; How To Think
Chapter 7: To Be Or Not To Be?
        False Cause; False Choice; Free Will; Free Choice; Being Pro-Choice
Chapter 8: The Question Of God
        The Trap; Faith & Belief; Silence; Other Religions; Who's In Charge?; The Big Question; The No-God Universe
Chapter 9: Meaning and Purpose
        The Hurdle; The Chase; The Answer; No Answer and No Meaning; False Meaning; Conscience; Personal Meaning;
        Inventing Meaning; Why Bother?; Summary

Chapter 10: Karma and Guilt
        False Karma; Serenity; Guilt; What The Hell?
Chapter 11: Games (Part I)
        Time Structure; The Rest of T/A; Game Theory; The Essence of Game; Standard Games; Degrees of Game
Chapter 12: Games (Part II)
        The Uses of Game Theory; Radio Games; Lost In Bombay; Winning & Losing; Success; The Next Level;
        The Distinction 'Defeat'; The Game of the Gods

Chapter 13: Consciousness
        Unconsciousness; Reception; Deception; Perception; Conception; Exception; Mastery
Chapter 14: Learning
        Why Not 'Education'?; The Play's The Thing; The Learning Process; Information; Teaching; Common Sense;
        Discipline; Wisdom

Chapter 15: Values
        False Values; Religious Values; Materialism; Abstract Values


Chapter 16: What Makes The World Go 'Round? (Part I)
        Sex; Joining The Circle; Romance; Hugging; The Distinction 'Love'; Unconditional Love
Chapter 17: What Makes The World Go 'Round? (Part II)
        Money; Charity; Hope; Luck; Virtual Money; Debt & the Working Mind
Chapter 18: Capitalism
        Standing On Ayn Rand; Unionism; The Stock Market Casino; A Modest Economic Proposal; Paleo-Capitalism
Chapter 19: Time
        About Time; Someday; Past, Present & Future; The Future of Mankind
Chapter 20: Practical Economics
        Virtual Economy, Cash Economy, Barter Economy, Solutions & Actions; Stroke Economy; Internal Economics;
        External Economics; Reason-Based Taxation


Chapter 21: The Distinction 'Distinction'
        Peanuts 1; Distinguishing Distinctions; Peanuts 2; Inventing Distinctions; Peanuts 3; Fuzzy Logic
Chapter 22: Sample Distinctions
        Soap Opera; Sewing On a Button; Bachelor; Granola; Lemmings; Curiosity
Chapter 23: Responsibility [vs. Victim]
        Who Is Responsible?; Responsible Language; The Working Minds Manifesto
Chapter 24: Freedom [vs. Security]
        Written On The Fourth of July; Rights and Non-Rights; Declaration
Chapter 25: Communication [vs. Ignorance]
        Contaminated Communication; Metaphor; Bilingualism; ...Signals
Chapter 26: Excellence [vs. Popularity]
        Survival; Purpose; False Excellence; Real Excellence; Complaints; The Downside; Practical Excellence
Chapter 27: Well-Being [vs. Looking Good]
        Biorhythms; Loneliness; A Doggie Tale; The Essential Trinity
Chapter 28: Relationship [vs. Ownership]
        The Value 'Relationship'; The Design of Relationships; Independence
Chapter 29: Citizenship [vs. Politics]
        Outside; Theory "Z"; Loyalty; ...Community
Chapter 30: Justice [vs. Law & Order]
        Class In America; Street Gangs; The Priests of Commerce; A Living Wage


Chapter 31: Wherefore Art?
        The Purpose of Art; False Art; Challenge; Audience
Chapter 32: I Camus, Can You?
        Tension; Right Action; The Question of Suicide
Chapter 33: Zen What?
        Ocean Story; Eyeball Story #2; The Moon; Radio Silent
Chapter 34: Contribution
        The Elements of Contribution; Sacrifice; Children's Story; The Rip-Off of Mankind
Chapter 35: Quantum Reality
        A Modest Quantum Proposal [Part 1 + Part 2; also see "Third Theory of Relativity"]; Quantum Creativity; Wonder;
        A Quantum Metaphor; A Little Cosmology; This Cosmic Journey

Chapter 36: The Ribbon
        The Universal Commitment; The Path; Benediction


Chapter 37: Random Conclusions
        Yaqui Dreaming; Déja Vu; The Brain; Visitors From Space; Electro-Magnetic Radiation
Chapter 38: How To Study This Work
Chapter 39: Gotta Have A Graph
Chapter 40: A Journey (Part 1)

Footnotes / References

WARRIOR MIND: A Road Less Taken

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