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philosopher Werner Erhard

John Paul Rosenberg was born in Pennsylvania; his early years were unremarkable. In May 1960, he bolted from his unhappy life and flew west, changing his name to Werner Erhard. While studying philosophy (ontology), he worked in various sales jobs, and became very successful. One day in 1971 while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, he had an epiphany, realizing that 'This is it' – each person has only one life to live: this one. The changes in his values & behavior were quite visible, and people asked about it; he began teaching seminars in October 1971. The e.s.t. (Erhard Seminars Training) organization was formed, the course was revised as The Forum in January 1985, and the company was sold to its employees in 1991. The new company was named Landmark Education, and changed to Landmark Worldwide in 2013. Since 2002, Werner has been living on an island in the Caribbean and working at Harvard and other universities, giving lectures, and developing theories on leadership and performance.      

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The references to WMail issues indicate quotes that appeared in the free monthly 'WMail' ezine
connected with the revolutionary "Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment" created by G.E. Nordell.

After WMail Issue #72 in October 2007, essays & quotations & news are being posted to the Dateline Chamesa blog

Werner Erhard official website
Werner Erhard Page at Working Minds
Werner Erhard entry at Wikipedia
est Training [1971-84] entry at Wikipedia
Landmark Worldwide [est. 1991, renamed 2013] entry at Wikipedia

“I used to be different, now I'm the same.”  {Issue #34}
•      •
“Context is decisive.”  {Issue #42}
•      •
“At all times and under all circumstances, we have the power to transform the quality of our lives.”  {Issue #45}
•      •
“Do it all, have it all, with joy.”  {Issue #49}
•      •
“We must have people capable of real heroism. Not the kind of heroism which ends up in glory,
but the kind of heroism which ends up in the truth, in what works, in what is honest and real
being brought out and made available to others.”  {Issue #54}
•      •
“When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember your initial objective
was to drain the swamp.”  {Issue #63}
•      •
“Happiness is a function of accepting what is so.”  {Issue #63}
•      •
“Building a strategy to avoid the almost certain future binds you as much
to the almost certain future as committing to it.”  {Issue #63}
•      •
“Whatever competence I may have comes from my having trained myself to be out there with what I am
dealing with instead of being in here trying to deal with what is out there.”  {blog 2/2009}
•      •
“Our age . . . needs people capable of real heroism – not the kind of heroism which ends up in glory – but the kind
which ends up bringing out and making available the truth, what works, what is honest and real.”  {blog 9/2009}
•      •
“Understanding is the booby prize.”  {blog 3/2010}

“One kind of change occurs when you add something. If you take an entity and add something to it, it's changed. Another kind of change
occurs when you take an entity and subtract something from it – so you've got two kinds of changes there. There's a third kind of change
which is very strange – the only kind which I think has any real value – and that is when you take a thing and get it to be itself. You neither
add to it nor subtract from it. This is almost a definition of consciousness for me.” (KQED radio interview, 1975)  {blog 4/2012}

“Life works to the extent that we keep our agreements.”  {blog 11/2013}
•      •
“The thing you have to remember about integrity is [that] it’s a mountain with no top.”  {blog 12/2015}
•      •
“Your life works to the degree [that] you keep your agreements.”  {blog 3/2016}
•      •
“What it takes to be a hero is to be ordinary – petty, small, frightened, timid – without that you've got no chance of being a hero.
What's required is real heroes. You ought to embrace all those deficiencies. That's what you need to be a hero.”- in January 1988  {blog 9/2016}
•      •
“There are no good people. You really don't want to fool yourself. A lot of the people we admire and respect – they're no good either.
Stop living your life like it was possible to be a good person. There are only heroes. Only ordinary people who are dancing
to an opportunity beyond themselves. No good people. Only people like you and me.”  {blog 10/2016}
•      •
“There are no rules. That's the first hundred rules. As for the hundred and first rule, I haven't figured that out yet.”  {blog 2/2017}
•      •
"Life is a game. In order to have a game, something has to be more important than something else. If what already is, is more important than
what isn’t, the game is over. So, life is a game in which what isn’t, is more important than what is. Let the good times roll.”  {blog 8/2017}
•      •
“Start building the future through a conversation for possibility.”  {blog 10/2017}
•      •
“It is important that you get clear for yourself that your only access to impacting life is action. The world does not care what you intend,
how committed you are, how you feel, or what you think, and certainly it has no interest in what you want and don’t want. Take a look at life
as it is lived and see for yourself that the world only moves for you when you act.”   {blog 10/2017}

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"Man is

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